N1. I’m delighted by this turn of events, I think …

Comment on Melanka block on the market again by admin.

n1. I’m delighted by this turn of events, I think this presents us with an excellent opportunity to really think about what this town needs to develop and prosper rather than cater for the immediate short term needs of developers and the construction industry.
Last week I highlighted on ABC Radio how the Melanka site would be a superb location for an Aboriginal cultural centre of national significance – it’s located adjacent to the town’s heritage precinct, and is on a direct line between two of the town’s most significant sacred sites, namely the much maligned yet highly under-rated Billygoat Hill to the west, and Meyers’ Hill (formerly Nannygoat Hill) to the east at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.
It’s not a new idea, of course – like so many things, it takes ages to get anything done in this region. But the Melanka site presents an excellent opportunity to create something of lasting benefit to this town.
Alex Nelson
Alice Springs

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