It benefits us all to re-read the following carefully: “Adequate …

Comment on Amnesty’s Utopia report full of omissions and misrepresentations by Hal Duell.

It benefits us all to re-read the following carefully: “Adequate housing must be in a location that allows access to employment options, health‐care services, schools, childcare centres and other social facilities.”
With the best will in the world, there is a limit to what Governments can do with the funds at their disposal. If priority is to be given to education, and especially primary education, in the planning of, and hoped for, future participation in the national story, children must come together in schools. It follows that those schools must be of a certain size and centrally located. This rules out a school in every scattered and marginally populated outstation.
No land will be being taken away, but some will be leased to allow a degree of centralised development. To suggest theft of land and the herding of people by the army onto reservations is rhetorical grandstanding. It’s simply not true.
Any careful consideration of what is suggested by that assertion of herding would have to conclude that the only organisation with a vested interest in keeping indigenous homelands and their residents isolated from the rest of Australia would be the large land councils. We read of moves in the Top End to break the monopoly of the Northern Land Council. If only Mrs. Kunoth-Monks and others would take a similar broom to the Central Land Council!
The death of a people and a culture will come about, and to an extent has already begun, by hiding one’s head in outstation sand, denying the centrality of education, and pretending that tomorrow will be just like yesterday.
All that will come from such denial is another generation left on the outside looking in, relegated to a life of confused frustration, and supported by charity.

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

Kids in the justice system: The stark numbers
“But nobody seems to be able to work out why.”
Could it be because so many of the offenders are raised in overtly racist households where they are taught from when infants that all things Indigenous are superior to all things mainstream? For the child, the first casualty of this would be schooling and a respect for the possibilities that schooling offers.
And then when they get a bit older and come hard up against the unavoidable absurdity of what they have been taught, and realise that they are not only uneducated and ignorant but likely to remain uneducated and ignorant, anger and resentment give rise to a lashing out and a pathetic if understandable attempt to cry the victim?
“You owe me.” No, lad or lass, we don’t owe you, but your parents and early childhood mentors surely do.

Transport Hall fiasco may revive pressure groups
Last Saturday my wife and I went to a matinee showing at the Alice Cinema.
On exiting the cinema, our two hour free parking limit had expired so we went into Alice Plaza to pay the fare.
On coming out we were met with a ring of aggressive youths bristling with attitude whose gauntlet we were forced to run to gain access to our parked car.
Steve has it right. We are getting back to those days of Claire Martin levels of social dysfunction in Alice.
And from what I have seen, Darwin simply couldn’t care less.

Jacinta Price reneges on council undertaking
There was talk at one time that Nigel Scullion was getting tired of being a Senator, and that Jacinta was in line to take on that job. Something happen?
Anyway, now she says she wants to take on Snowdon in Lingiari? Good luck with that. Warren has done nothing for thirty years except win an election every three years. He’s good at it.
The $100,000 price tag for a by-election is an own goal. There are ways around it, if the Minister in charge of local government would care to consider them. Such as, offer the job to the last excluded candidate polling at least 3% of the primary vote at the previous election.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
Further to my first post, if the Alice Springs Town Council could combine with the MacDonnell Shire, Barkly Shire and the Central Desert Shire to present a united anti-fracking stand, their combined voices might carry a bit more weight.
I don’t know what the other shires stand on this issue is. Have they debated it? Anyone?

Let’s have an Australia Day when we are ready for it
Maybe I should start going to Council meetings again, if for no other reason than to enjoy the fireworks.
Reading the preceding comments, I am once again convinced that the whole Facebook phenomenon is a truly nasty piece of gear.
Why anyone would go there, would pay it the slightest bit of attention, is beyond me.

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