Amnesty ignores Apartheid. Certainly many complain the Northern Territory Government and …

Comment on Amnesty’s Utopia report full of omissions and misrepresentations by Paul Parker.

Amnesty ignores Apartheid.
Certainly many complain the Northern Territory Government and Commonwealth may NOT provide public funds to build more houses for these Land Trust corporate landlords.
But why are public money grants required by these Land Trust corporate landlords?
Same Land Trust corporate landlords have reasonable incomes, royalties, and rents, why not use their own funds?
Why does the Commonwealth continue to exempt these wealthy Land Trust corporate landlords from our usual tenancy requirements like issuing tenants valid leases and maintaining tenants houses?
Such does not help their tenants.
The Central Land Council acting for these Land Trust corporate landlords claims “Traditional Owners” possess no right to leases for their homes, no right for their family to live with them, no right for friends or tradespersons to visit them in their homes, no right to run a business, and reminds us that any “Traditional Owner” can terminate any permissions granted immediately whenever such whims are felt.
The Central Land Council claims “Traditional Owners” seeking these otherwise basic human rights must obtain leases from the Land Trust corporate landlords.
In practice the Central Land Council and the Land Trust corporate landlords refuse to issue leases.
For over 20 years our segregated family – several belatedly acknowledged as “Traditional Owners” – has been required to seek, so sought and been denied leases.
Still not seen one in draft form.
The Commonwealth granted temporary leases to itself – as they were essential – yet refuses to issue the tenants with sub-leases.
Commonwealth now wants Northern Territory Government to manage them, perhaps pay for them.
Where are the draft leases for these houses on communities ?
Northern Territory Government needs to publish these draft leases, make them available, easy to find, so as to promote public discussion.
It is clear the Central Land Council and these Land Trust corporate landlords dislike leases.
Leases provide all parties with enforceable rights and responsibilities.
Seems the Land Trust corporate landowners prefer to be exempted from having to care for their tenants houses – and be accountable in court!
The Commonwealth should give everyone who wants one, a block of land in Alice Springs, with an equivalent generous grant to build their own homes, now that will solve the housing problem for a few years. 🙂

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Senator Nigel Scullion elected acting CLP president
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) land trusts pay the “Land Tax on Territorians”?
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the ALR(NT) land trusts pay other conventional NT and Local government charges like rates?
The ALR(NT) corporate land trusts remain significantly financially advantaged over other land-owners given the Commonwealth’s exemptions freeing them from conventional land-owner responsibilities.
Equality of opportunity and responsibility requires treating the ALR(NT) corporate Land Trusts same as other corporate or natural land-owners in the NT.

‘Royal Commission report will live as stain on the NT’
Does Chief Minister Michael Gunner guarantee treatment of detained youths and adults? This should not be qualified using racial identification.
Racism within Australia is mostly by government(s).

Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops
I do not support uniformed police being stationed at take-away alcohol outlets.
It is the responsibility of licensees within their premises to ensure compliance with requirements as set out in the legislation.
If licensees find it difficult to provide adequate security during certain times they need be temporarily closed during those times.
I support police attending to charge individuals and those licensees who breach banning provisions.

Scullion announces bonanza for Menzies
Re: Prevention-better than cure Posted November 10, 2017 at 4:56pm:-
Such logic supports amputating a leg because a toe is sore.
Most persons on Centrelink do manage themselves on their limited budgets, albeit with difficulty.
Restricting their capability is unlikely to improve things.
The problem remains government focus on racist tag games.
Without racial filters everyone can concentrate on actual problems, not grossly over-rated racist symptoms.

Outback Way to get more bitumen
Is the Outback Way across Australia between east and west Australia all public access highway?

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