What this lame criticism of Amnesty does not say is …

Comment on Amnesty’s Utopia report full of omissions and misrepresentations by Douglas Chalmers.

What this lame criticism of Amnesty
does not say is how bad things really were for indigenous First Nation
people there in the past + how little things have improved since. When John Howard was treasurer in the Fraser Liberal government
in the 1970s, there was not a single house or any community amenities
for these people who were virtual slaves on their own land, uhh.
The men worked seasonally as stockmen for a minimal income + were
compelled to buy supplies + clothing from the station store, itself a
mere tin shed. Regardless, the (white) station owners had built a huge
new luxury homestead for themselves … but the (black) people whose
tribal land this was were still simply left to live out in the open …
or in the rusting shells of derelict old wrecks of cars despite the cold
wet winters. There was no school + no health clinic.
Thus, how long has it been, really, since this community has had any
municipal services at all, never mind a road or any homes to live in?
What has Howard’s racist Intervention, itself a mini martial law, brought these people except threats + coercion? Now they are to be lectured on “Stronger Futures”
despite having made many formal requests for assistance since the
1970’s from the Australian government as well as the Territory

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