My understanding is that the grant application is all about …

Comment on $3.5m grant from Feds for landfill upgrade by Rod Cramer.

My understanding is that the grant application is all about the transfer station / weighbridge / recycling centre, and not about improving the actual landfill itself, so the “muddy tracks” (and all the other shortcomings) will not be affected. I wonder if the RDAF know that the ratepayers of Alice Springs have now twice paid substantially towards such a facility to two different contractors, both of whom didn’t cough up?

Recent Comments by Rod Cramer

Art Trail, Explorer’s Way: big words, so far no substance
A long way north of Pt Augusta, about 190 klm’s in fact.

Miners oppose call for land holders’ veto rights
Spot on “Barkley Magpie”. Trouble is, it’s not just the big issues the miners don’t do the right thing on, and consequently leave mayhem behind them for the pastoralists.
Such things as track rehab that consists of nothing more than a branch or goondie placed across the start of their soilcon disasters, or small aquifers damaged by their dodgy drillers, the list is long and depressing.

CLP pre-selects Steve Brown for Araluen
I’ve just been shocked back into reality as to why I haven’t missed JB’s diatribe. Second sentence; as I recall it was Labour that set up all the ducks for Kilgariff. Etc.

Praise for $24m overpass over the top
Remember folks, this was Federal money.
While this may be the last level crossing on the Stuart Hwy in the NT, it’s not the last on the Adelaide to Darwin line over the Stuart Highway.
Anyone genuinely concerned about safety would have attended to the one 50 km north of Pt Augusta first – it is at a seriously oblique angle, and somewhere trains would be at maximum speed, unlike our overpass, where they are just entering / leaving a 50 km/h restriction.

Latz honoured as NT’s top landcarer
Well deserved Latzy, not before time!

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