Alison’s decision to join the CLP compromises her independence. She …

Comment on Anderson joins Country Liberals, will target shires, growth towns, commercial development, ‘separatism’ in education by Phil Walcott.

Alison’s decision to join the CLP compromises her independence. She will now be subject to ‘party politics and positions’. Still, I guess she can always ‘sack’ the CLP like she did the ALP when, in her estimation, they failed to deliver to her constituency. Alison has voted with the CLP in divisions on the parliamentary floor for two years since she left the ALP so nothing changes. It’s 12:12 with Gerry Wood holding the trump card. ‘King Brown Country’, Russell Skelton’s book is an interesting read! It’ll be an interesting journey up until the next Legislative Assembly elections scheduled for 25th August next year. Que sera, sera!!!

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Anderson joins Country Liberals, will target shires, growth towns, commercial development, ‘separatism’ in education
@Formerly of Alice Springs. Thanks for that … let’s bring on the truth!!! Truth is often disguised as perception. I’d be interested to read other people’s versions.

Anderson joins Country Liberals, will target shires, growth towns, commercial development, ‘separatism’ in education
Thanks for the comment, Kathy.
I was simply making a statement about the book being an interesting read (a term I also used about the lead up to the next election). No implications were being levelled. If that’s the position you came to, that’s your valid opinion. People who choose to read Skelton’s work will draw their own independent conclusions.
I found the Author’s Note (pp. 217-8) to be a equally “interesting”. Each person named in the book who are still alive will have their own story and “take” on its description on the history of Papunya over the past 50 years … as will Alison.
Asking questions of elected (and those of us that seek to be) Members of the Legislative Assembly is part of the political process.
I’m equally interested in Alison’s position now with regard to the Angela Pamela uranium proposal that has her party’s support – one which she riled against as an Independent.
Me … IndependeNT … absolutely!
Thanks again, Kathy.

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Great outcome … as it needed to be.

She lived where life is what you make it
Lovely tribute to a wonderful woman who led an amazing life. Legacies matter.

The turning point: Marshall Perron’s rise to power
That’s great, Alex.
I always enjoy your historical perspectives especially around NT political history.
Your contributions to the National Trust and Heritage Council are also very welcomed.
Looking forward to your next instalment.

Because of eight grandmothers we can
Great to see this proud group of grandmothers continuing to contribute to the conversations and actions with regard to this predicament. They ask some very pertinent questions and can offer some solid resolutions.
Issues around various organisations in government and NGO sectors as to how funds are distributed and spent continue to plague what should for all intents and purposes be a no-brainer solution.
Differing groups and organisations competing for fund allocation instead of working together in joint operations contributes to the on-going elephant in the room. Congress’s ($45 million most recent annual allocation as reported by ASN) focus on health needs to strategically combine with Tangentyere’s (most recent allocation of $22 million) focus on housing.
Both are inextricably linked. In collaboration with Land Council and Centrecorp contributions, combining resources could produce lasting positive outcomes and employment opportunities for the lives of so many people. Education continues as an all-pervasive factor that significantly contributes to this scenario.
Having now lived in Alice Springs for almost 25 years, it’s been a sorry social reality to observe the conditions of many Aboriginal and other people deteriorate intergenerationally over that period.
Questions posed by the grandmother’s group as to how and where money is invested need answers. Whilst the annual reports of various organisations reveal where money is expended and invested, why are we not seeing better outcomes delivered and strengthened? Agencies competing for funding buckets instead of working together more cohesively and comprehensively may be an answer we’re all looking for.
Congratulations to those who have the courage to call out what is so blatantly obvious. Wishing the grandmother group every continuing success as they work together to promote solutions and provide mentoring for their children and grandchildren in these significant areas. May it long continue.

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
Delighted to have been able to attend this very moving occasion for the people of Alice Springs and Central Australia. What binds us together, makes us stronger.
Congratulations to those enlightened elected members (former and current) of Alice Springs Town Council whose passion and vision finally became a reality today. I remember the first time I visited Anzac Hill (almost 25 years ago) and asked the question: “Where is the Aboriginal flag”?
Technical issues aside, it finally flew proudly against the backdrop of our great town and a crisp blue winter sky.
May it continue to fly proudly on ceremonial occasions long into the future. Who knows … the enlightened elected members may some day agree that it should fly permanently for us all to be proud of.
A vote of thanks to Tangentyere Council for the lift up “The Hill”. Much appreciated.

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