It’s interesting to read this article almost five years after …

Comment on Cars in Todd Mall again? by Michael Dean.

It’s interesting to read this article almost five years after it was posted, read the grandiose plans envisaged, and then look at the reality of what we have had delivered to us.
You could very easily argue the opening up of the Northern end of the mall has accomplished nothing tangible. We have three carparks outside the pharmacy and bank, a bus drop off point that I have yet to see a bus in, and now with Westpac gone there is even less reason to go up that end.
Who were the geniuses that said this would invigorate the mall?

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Visitor centre without parking is like a pub with no beer
The visitor information centre was only moved a few years ago from the council building to its current location.
I agree, lack of parking and sign posting is an issue, but let’s not waste more tax payer money moving it again.

Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition
An international hotel is needed? Can’t see another hotel being built just to accommodate people coming to see the art gallery.
The CLP dreamt about one on the spare land diagonally opposite Harvey Norman and that got nowhere.

Nanny state: Tennant alcohol restrictions for Alice?
The letter I saw didn’t indicate what, if any, new restrictions were going to be put in place.
So Robyn, it’s a bit hard to write and complain about things that haven’t happened yet.
Let’s all just wait and see what is going to be proposed then argue for or against it.

No answers, more government bumph on gallery
With replies like that I am starting to lose the love very quickly for this project.

Armed police auxiliary liquor inspectors start work in Alice
Let’s hope this frees up some police for more general duties patrols and this place becomes more attractive for tourists.

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