It’s interesting to read this article almost five years after …

Comment on Cars in Todd Mall again? by Michael Dean.

It’s interesting to read this article almost five years after it was posted, read the grandiose plans envisaged, and then look at the reality of what we have had delivered to us.
You could very easily argue the opening up of the Northern end of the mall has accomplished nothing tangible. We have three carparks outside the pharmacy and bank, a bus drop off point that I have yet to see a bus in, and now with Westpac gone there is even less reason to go up that end.
Who were the geniuses that said this would invigorate the mall?

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Stolen car torched, youths arrested, bailed
Just call Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) or whatever they call themselves this week. They will call the kids clients.
And here is the head shaking fact, CAALAS or their new entity is judged by the fewer incarcerations they achieve. The fewer going to gaol for crimes, the better they appear to be doing.
Screw the victims. It’s not about justice, it’s about getting the little shits off with heart rending stories about bad home life, and getting extra funding because you are sending fewer to gaol.

A say for rate payers shoved into ‘confidential’
I think some of the elected members need reminding of what their job is and whose money they are playing around with.
Stop all this ego enhancing behind closed doors rubbish and get on with your job.
The town is rife with crime and alcohol related problems while this council appears to sit on its hands and close the doors behind itself.

Open doors, not flogging, will reduce juvenile offending
Police telling us the statistics and how good they are doing. Right. Walk away, nothing to see here.

Ram raids in Alice Springs
RIP, Alice Springs.

Mayor Ryan short on answers on top issues
The Draft Municipal Plan for 2017/18 has on page 2 one of the council’s goals, number 5, Public Order and Safety. “A community with a perception of high public safety.”
Looks like ASTC crapped out on page 2.

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