Part of our contract [for residential land in Mt Johns …

Comment on EXCLUSIVE: Company linked to Lhere Artepe in liquidation by Stephen.

Part of our contract [for residential land in Mt Johns Valley] was that the developer were to release the blocks on 1st Feb 2011 and had three  time extensions. These  ended on the 1st of August 2011 and I am now free to hand in my block and get back my $5000 deposit.
I know of a lot of people that were happy to hand their blocks back as the uncertainty was dragging on and some had their situations change. We originally purchased the blocks on 6th November 2009.
I had a few friends purchase blocks and then hand them in. Some are well know Alice residents and even a well known real estate agent, that had their circumstances change.
Another question is what are they going to do with the blocks handed in.
Is Lhere Artepe going to drag this out forever and would you think the government would be pushing hard for this release as the housing market in Alice is a complete joke.

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