I understand indeed Ian Conway’s frustration at Kings Creek Station. When …

Comment on Letter: Paying rates for nothing? by Paul Parker.

I understand indeed Ian Conway’s frustration at Kings Creek Station.
When will the shire’s larger privately owned corporate land owners be required to start paying rates and costs for their private properties?
For example, are ALR(NT) Land Trusts at Amoonguna, Haasts Bluff, Hermannsburg, Jay Creek, Lake Mackay, Petermanm, Santa Teresa, Uluru and others going to pay?
Many shareholders in these private corporation owned lands are both shareholders and residents, where along with most residents they are still denied valid leases for their homes.
Yet these private corporate owned lands include many publicly serviced communities.
The main communities in these privately owned corporate landholdings do receive municipal services.
These privately owned corporate land owners also benefit from considerable publicly funded subsidies towards costs for services to these private communities on their private land.
The Commonwealth needs to require these private corporate entities to start acting responsibly, start paying all their service fees.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended
Salt is a corrosive, spread of such corrosion is found with increased salt in the air, as those living closer to salt water soon learn.
We need greater public understanding of effects of salt, how its effects can be multiplied by inappropriate metals or flooding.
We need clearer explanations of the procedures to reduce, and resolve possible corrosion issues over several thousand years.
Even several years appears too long for many politicians to consider.

Senator Nigel Scullion elected acting CLP president
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) land trusts pay the “Land Tax on Territorians”?
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the ALR(NT) land trusts pay other conventional NT and Local government charges like rates?
The ALR(NT) corporate land trusts remain significantly financially advantaged over other land-owners given the Commonwealth’s exemptions freeing them from conventional land-owner responsibilities.
Equality of opportunity and responsibility requires treating the ALR(NT) corporate Land Trusts same as other corporate or natural land-owners in the NT.

‘Royal Commission report will live as stain on the NT’
Does Chief Minister Michael Gunner guarantee treatment of detained youths and adults? This should not be qualified using racial identification.
Racism within Australia is mostly by government(s).

Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops
I do not support uniformed police being stationed at take-away alcohol outlets.
It is the responsibility of licensees within their premises to ensure compliance with requirements as set out in the legislation.
If licensees find it difficult to provide adequate security during certain times they need be temporarily closed during those times.
I support police attending to charge individuals and those licensees who breach banning provisions.

Scullion announces bonanza for Menzies
Re: Prevention-better than cure Posted November 10, 2017 at 4:56pm:-
Such logic supports amputating a leg because a toe is sore.
Most persons on Centrelink do manage themselves on their limited budgets, albeit with difficulty.
Restricting their capability is unlikely to improve things.
The problem remains government focus on racist tag games.
Without racial filters everyone can concentrate on actual problems, not grossly over-rated racist symptoms.

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