Are Mr Shetty and Amnesty International being sold a camp …

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Are Mr Shetty and Amnesty International being sold a camp dog masquerading as a utopian pup?
I clearly remember a public meeting held two years ago at Araluen at which Mrs Kunoth-Monks, speaking from the stage, called for the return of “feather foot” or “feather boot”. As I understand it, he was the enforcer within traditional Aboriginal law.
What does Mrs Kunoth-Monks say today? Does she still call for feather foot’s return? Would his return include the spearing of transgressors? If so, must a transgressor have reached a minimum age before this punishment could be exacted?
Where do Mr Shetty and Amnesty International stand on this issue of extrajudicial punishment, especially if it includes the spearing of men (and / or women?) still young enough to be considered minors in the eyes of Australian national law?

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No sign of council playing ball on Anzac Oval
This is beginning to feel like stalking. What part of “no” doesn’t this man understand?

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Once again it seems to be a case of our way or the highway.
When this location debate first came up, I was of the opinion that the Desert Park was the right choice. But then the traditional owners spoke up at the council meeting debating to MOU or not to MOU, and the TOs seemed to be united in wanting any gallery to be south of The Gap.
So what’s the problem?
If revitalising the CBD is truly the aim, build flats there, and build a skate park at the river end of Parsons Street, and make the area vibrant again.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Any update from Alex Nelson on the heritage application for the Anzac site?

Cemeteries could be turned into parks
Something to think read, to think about, to cherish: “Quiet City – Walking in West Terrace Cemetery” by Carol Lefevre.
It was first published in 2016 by Wakefield Press and is one of the most engrossing histories I have ever read.

The millions and the misery
@ Eugene’s mate, Posted June 6, 2018 at 1:34 pm
Whoever you are (but clearly someone ashamed of your own name?), please rest assured that the financial wellbeing and accountability of CAAC in no way upsets my peace of mind.
I follow stories in Alice Springs News Online because together they form the mosaic that is Alice Springs. Sometimes these stories are tasty and sometimes bland. Just saying.

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