I am impressed with the detail of Kieran’s report … …

Comment on Hot debate in council over youth curfew, public stays away by ian sharp.

I am impressed with the detail of Kieran’s report … most informative for those who could not be there.
I am also impressed with the reported comments made by those councillors who opposed the populist and simplistic call for a curfew.

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Hard-edged Alice could do with some softening: architects
Interesting. Fresh eyes. Plenty of food for thought. Thanks Kieran (and Bobbie and Owen. Enjoy the ride to Uluru!)

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
King Canute soldiering on!

‘A feast of art, a spread of characters’
Great work again Kieran, thank you. Love Iain’s last work.

They must be joking!
Too funny that bunny.

Holidays in a bog no tall order for Yuendumu cops
Nothing like a good bog event to test and build character … and to make drivers more wary in future. Well done the coppers.

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