Alcohol-Grog (2) I have traveled round most of this country …

Comment on ‘Collapse’ of the construction sector, grog measures flawed by Arthur Bell.

Alcohol-Grog (2) I have traveled round most of this country and visited and stayed at a lot of Aboriginal communities, urban and remote. And so called Missions. About forty. And my observation and experience is that not many Aboriginal people want to, or are going to, give up the grog!
Walk down any street, go to any park or river bank where Aboriginal people gather to drink and explain that the government wants them to stop drinking grog and to stop smoking cigarettes, to Close the Gap, and they will tell you in no uncertain terms that the government can Get Racked!
“White man bought the grog here so I’m gonna keep drinking,” one well known drunk will tell anyone who listens!
Aboriginal people are well aware of the dangers and problems caused by and associated with drinking and abusing alcohol. And have been for many years. Many drink to forget them! To blot and to block them out! As Homer’s mate Carl said, “Alcohol is the best antidote for responsibility.”
There have been health campaigns and education initiatives galore over a lot of years, both State and Federal, to combat the abuse of alcohol by Aboriginal people and the problems caused by it. All have failed, with no-one giving up the grog.
And why should we? With no accountability issue. I’m Jacky Jacky I know nothing. I’ve played this game, as did many others, over the years. I’ve also had it played on me whilst assisting Aboriginal people. And it is still going on. A very common practice.
Is it a part of our psyche? Are we different? Circumstances?
But this is not discussed in the public domain. The comfort zone of victimhood. Why move on?
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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community
Thanks Paul, it looks like I’ll have to go through all that stuff on my site again to see what you are referring to! But that’s alright, as I try to do it whenever my health allows, and as time goes by, anyway.
To re-edit and sometimes to moderate my published or stated view, over a number of years.
“For many to move on means forget what happened, until it happens again … then complain again until decide forget it”.
A couple of things here, as I see it, in the future of multiculturalism governance, the above options will simply, not be available. It will not be a continuing saga a la “days of our lives”.
Like what happened 227 years ago, there will be major disruptions of the way of life in this Country. And the only people that have a historical or any moral obligation to the descendants of the original inhabitants, as has already been pointed out, will no longer dominate or be in charge.

Will the NT also stop funding outstations?
For many years now Aboriginal people living a traditional or semi-traditional lifestyle, have been lulled into a false sense of security. By do-gooders and the misguided. And by the ignorant and the mischievous. (alb. c. 06/2013.)

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community
“Time to move on. What we’re talking about is history. If we don’t start moving on, the foreigners coming into this country, coming here to make their home, will walk all over us.”
This is the what I try to alert my fellow indigenous to.

Self help not part of the welfare mantra
Wasted conversation this bloke, Erwin. Thought you would’ve seen that! Ex Oxfam crusader a la John Pilger. With all the answers. No solutions, but all the answers.

Firebrands United: Block gas, oil production, says Anderson
We have the Sovereignty Mob. Then the Recognise Mob. The Treaty Mob. With the Aboriginal Provisional Government. And the National Congress.
Some very determined, articulate and well paid Blackfellas.
Some very seasoned campaigners. As Stephen Hagan would say, “the usual suspects”. And most ideologically opposed.
With views and agendas incompatible. And some might say, “with heads buried in the sand”.
“They” want to be in charge. “They” want to run the show.
And all the rest of us Blackfellas have to follow “their” solutions and agendas. Apparently. Evidently. Whether we want to or not. Whether we “agree” to or not. Whether we “like” it or not. All on their own trip. Many are a law unto themselves.
Many of these prominent long time long term Aboriginal activists, agitators and media and self-appointed so-called leaders, they have to take a lot of responsibility for where we are today. A lot of what’s happening today developed on their watch.
And it can be argued that they have failed us. With trillions of dollars generated in the name of and in the cause of, the advancement and the betterment of the Aboriginal and Islander People of Australia.
A failed exercise in economic independence and self determination. With many wasted opportunities. Not to forget the money. WASTED. SQUANDERED. Aboriginal Rights?

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