Stand around almost any licensed premises you’ll find yourself seeing …

Comment on ‘Collapse’ of the construction sector, grog measures flawed by Paul Parker.

Stand around almost any licensed premises you’ll find yourself seeing people gathering to drink.
To attend licensed premises people face advertising to reduce their drinking and stop smoking.
Licensed premises management are required to enforce the public policy which targets reducing consumption, reducing drunkenness, reducing aggressive behavior, reducing violence, reducing smoking, and reducing the consequences.
Missing from most serious discussions is how to achieve these public policy aims whilst enabling drinkers to enjoy a drink.
Public policy provides locations where people can meet comfortably to consume alcohol compliant with public policy.
Drinkers then understand their continued enjoyment, of in most cases pleasant environments, requires compliance with the public policy restrictions to their personal desires.
Clear result is people do reduce their consumption, do reduce their public intoxication, do reduce their violence.
Intoxication, violence, movement of people from dry communities to where can drink alcohol continues.
Is transferring problem drinkers to town an effective policy for long term reduction of intoxication and related issues?
Consider enabling licensed premises without takeaway in fictionally dry communities.
Those working or enjoying themselves in such premises may be more persuasive upon those whose behavior threatens closure for the rest of the day / week / month.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
There is little need to change the criminal code.
There already exists a process used to determine whether parental responsibility is failing or working, and what needs to be done.
Even the best of parents may find themselves in court with their children following a single act of youthful irresponsibility.
Any parent can find themselves with youths no longer prepared to follow their reasonable instructions.
The need is for clearer policy dealing with parents who are irresponsible, and more assistance for responsible parents before they become a minority.
The need is for the responsible “Docs” department aka “Territory Families” with Minister Dale Wakefield and CEO Ken Davies to start attending public meetings with media present in Alice Springs to answer questions then respond to address raised issues, on how these problems are being addressed.
Clearly the NT has become an apartheid state, where the rights, responsibility and accountability of residents appears first determined by racial tags.
Racial tags are the responsibility problem, so not part of the solution.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?
Perhaps a major contributing cost to the deplorable condition of the existing road between Yulara and the border is that it is NOT part of the public highway.
The Commonwealth’s land rights act needs be amended to enable the NT Government reclaim land required for public roads, the same as other states, with just compensation determined and paid.
It is financial and political irresponsibility for NTG to pay for construction of privately owned roads and housing.
The failure of the Commonwealth to enable such resumptions contributes significantly to deplorable conditions.
These wealthy private corporate landlords need spend their own money, not milk public funds.
The failure to eliminate such a rort contributes to the Commonwealth’s reputation as a government committed to promoting racism and inequality.

Getting screwed
Is the NTG Revenue Discussion Paper clear enough?
Without considerably more public discussion before the [Tue, 23 January 2018] meeting in Alice Springs may there be a wipe-out?


Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA
Salt is a corrosive, spread of such corrosion is found with increased salt in the air, as those living closer to salt water soon learn.
We need greater public understanding of effects of salt, how its effects can be multiplied by inappropriate metals or flooding.
We need clearer explanations of the procedures to reduce, and resolve possible corrosion issues over several thousand years.
Even several years appears too long for many politicians to consider.

Senator Nigel Scullion elected acting CLP president
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) land trusts pay the “Land Tax on Territorians”?
Will the Gunner government persuade the Commonwealth to ensure the ALR(NT) land trusts pay other conventional NT and Local government charges like rates?
The ALR(NT) corporate land trusts remain significantly financially advantaged over other land-owners given the Commonwealth’s exemptions freeing them from conventional land-owner responsibilities.
Equality of opportunity and responsibility requires treating the ALR(NT) corporate Land Trusts same as other corporate or natural land-owners in the NT.

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