The recent decision of Yeperenye to remove an old diseased, …

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The recent decision of Yeperenye to remove an old diseased, unsafe gum tree, an exotic pepper tree and some smaller gum trees, has attracted more air time than Michael Jordan!
For Alderman Taylor to suggest that the removal of these trees was similar to the damage done to the caterpillar site on Barrett Drive and the “night raiders who demolished Turner House” should automatically qualify her for enrolment in a dramatic arts course. There is no comparison whatsoever.
Surely the Alice Springs Town Council and its aldermen have more important things to do, such as properly managing trees on their own property, many of which are dangerous to passing pedestrians, without telling private land owners which trees to knock down, or not knock down?
Didn’t the Mayor and Lhere Artepe CEO pledge in 2008 to stop the burning of registered sacred trees in the Todd River, which continues uncurtailed?
Also, why were the coolabah trees in Traegar Park Oval, which were registered with the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) as sacred, on Council owned property and under their protection, poisoned and subsequently died?
I note that there was no public outcry from the Mayor and Council aldermen at that time.
The council should also formulate and then comply with a risk management strategy, by ensuring that all their footpaths are maintained to a safe standard and not remain the “ankle breakers” they are, in many parts of the CBD, and to “make safe” all trees on their properties.
The Todd Mall has deteriorated over the past 10 to 15 years while successive town councils and the NTG have twiddled their thumbs and simply paid more consultants to draw up a series of CBD Revitalisation Plans, none of which have been actioned or have made the slightest difference.
Meanwhile mall retailers have suffered decline, and a valued tourist and retail precinct has deteriorated to the point of insignificance! Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burnt!
The Council could also try providing better and more cost effective municipal services. It’s disgusting that rate payers now have to pay up to $50 for a small trailer full of rubbish/rubble to the dump when our council rates are so high.
I call upon the town council to properly deliver on their own services, primary functions and responsibilities instead of on more bluster and grandstanding on peripheral matters, such as trying to dictate which trees on privately owned land should or should not be felled!
The owners of the Parsons St block have stated that they intend to replace the trees with something more attractive and will provide shade.
So let’s all build that bridge, and get over it!

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Council will look at tree register and by-law
Mike, I will tell you, and all the readers online here, that I don’t know anything of what the owners of this block, or any other block in town, plan to do with their piece of land.
Through this story, and the online discussions, I now know who the owners are.
All I am trying to say is that if it were my property and it was costing me money on repairs / maintenance, I would do something to rectify this.
I would not be expecting someone to tell me what I will and will not do. It is their block, let them work it.
This has gone has gone far enough. Over and Out from me on this matter.

Council will look at tree register and by-law
C’mon people, move on, you all go on about “when I first came here … blah blah blah blah.”
For goodness sake, enough is enough. The bloody trees are gone.
The continuous whining will never make them re-appear. All you can do now is to wait and see what the property owners come up with as a replacement.
Never know, we may all be pleasantly surprised! Lets put it this way: If you had a tree in your yard that was causing damage to your house and costing you money in repairs, what would you do? Leave the tree and continue to pay out more money for repairs?
After all, it is private property. So within reason, the owners should have the right to make what changes and improvements they wish. That is the bottom line. We will never be that little “Town like Alice” again.

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Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
I am curious as to why Mr Shaw is still living in a town camp when he must be getting paid in excess of $100k pa.
Is his earnings “means tested” to allow for cheap rent / rates and maintenance?

Dylan Voller ‘no comment’ on kill list
Re Evelyne Roullet: In relation to Giles House, I’m not sure what you are leading to about kids taken to highschool in a police car?
Re Voller, if he wants the support of the local community, then he needs to seen to be trying to do the right thing. Hanging around the casino wouldn’t sit right with the majority.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
Re S Taylor: I read most these comments with interest and amusement and comment when I feel that I might have a bit of an idea about what I’m talking about.
If you are confused then so am I as I wasn’t aware of CAAMA having a deputy CEO. And probably not funded for one.
Could you advise as to who this non-indigenous person is, please.
It would be good for me and other readers to be fully informed in this saga before making unfounded comments.
Or are you just presuming this because you don’t know what is going on within CAAMA.

Dylan Voller ‘no comment’ on kill list
Heather Wells, I agree with you.
Why don’t we just close all the juvenile detention centres and let the unruly kids go around without taking any responsibility, face conviction and receive penalty. That will work.
Then we can do the same with the adult prisons as well.
People need to realise that in the past, juveniles here in the Territory have been found guilty of many, many serious offences, including arson, rape, and even murder.
But let’s now turn a blind eye to all this and let them run free.

Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
Brassie Babe or Brissie Babe or whoever you are.
I am not on any board for any Aboriginal Organisation and don’t have anything to do with CAAMA. I know of three or four people on that board, and I can assure you that I am not one of them.
Why would I be trying to put some “feel good” in for the board?
You seem to know a bit more … I didn’t even know Karl Hampton was the “former” chair, until today.
Maybe you should spill the beans on what you think you know, of the whole story.
I’m only going on common sense and “The Grapevine” but you seem to have “inside knowledge”.
Maybe employed at CAAMA and trying to knife someone in the back?

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