I’d love have been able to respond to “Stumped”, but …

Comment on Council will look at tree register and by-law by Domenico Pecorari.

I’d love have been able to respond to “Stumped”, but I don’t believe that someone who won’t even put their name to their forthrightly-stated views warrants an answer. Where’s the courage of your conviction?
As for Steve Brown’s simplistic reasoning and blaming the “lefties” for all the town’s woes: you could do with a history lesson or two, mate, despite having been here all your life.
In all the twenty-seven years I’ve been here, I’ve rarely seen developers hindered in their desire to extract the maximum out of the town and, in the process, destroying the character that was loved by both the citizens and visitors to the place. Not by the former CLP government. Nor from the current Labor party, whose ministers have bent ever further backwards to give their nod to developments, such as Melanka, despite overwhelming opposition from a concerned public.
No, Steve. If you really want to know why the town’s businesses are suffering, just chat with a few of the ever-dwindling number of visitors and ask for their impressions of our town. You may learn that there are only so many times you can sh*t in your own nest, before it starts to smell.

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Council will look at tree register and by-law
@1 Steve, you seem to be forever putting the cart before the horse in your endless pro-development arguments.
Have you not noticed the high level of vacant commercial premises or the number of long-time vacant lots in our CBD?
Have you not considered that maybe our town’s woes stem, in part, from losing its edge as an attraction destination through the very unbridled developments you promote?
No, Steve. More-of-the-same will not do any more for The Alice. If this town is to regain hope for a brighter future, it needs to develop and adopt a Town Plan that reflects the vision of its citizens.
It has been the unrestrained “ad-hoc” approach to development that has got our town into this mess and it is time this was reversed.
Far from turning developers away, I believe it will attract the very type of developers we need: community-minded investors who are reassured, not repelled, by a town that has taken charge of its future.

Council will look at tree register and by-law
When I first came to this town in late 1984, you could look out from Anzac Hill and see a canopy of green that expressed, for me at least, The Alice’s character as an “oasis” town.
It was one of the factors that led me to settle down here call this place “home”.
Over the years, I’ve seen the canopy reduced through the development of large-scale projects, such as the Ford Plaza, and noticed the almost imperceptible removal of trees, one or two at a time, from our CBD’s car-parks and open spaces.
Sadly, the recently drafted CBD Built Form Guidelines document, which promotes zero-setback developments to a maximum of five storeys, will see the increased decimation of the canopy and the town permanently transformed into “anywhere, Australia”.
Yeperenye’s action is only the latest in a trend that has run for decades and reflects the generally low value that we, as a community, put on our town’s trees, trees have taken perhaps a hundred, a hundred and fifty years, to develop their stately presence.
Our town’s trees should be seen as the valuable assets they are, not only to the owners of the property but to the broader community and the town in general, and their removal ought to be seen as nothing short of vandalism and corporate anti-social behaviour.
Shame, Yeperenye, Shame!!

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Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
Gunner: “We have accepted the key finding of the report – that if all the recommendations are implemented the risk from fracking can be reduced to an acceptable level.”
I’m sorry sir, but NO level of risk is acceptable to me and, I believe, to a majority of Territorians when it comes to contamination of water, one of the essentials for life.
You have sold off any hope to a “Green and Clean” future for the Territory, and for what?
A few crumbs in royalties as shareholders and mining CEOs laugh all the way to the bank.
Territorians will all pay dearly for this decision, but no less than the NT Labor Party at the next elections.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
A brilliantly presented article, Rainer, and one I hope our community and political decision-makers will read and take on board. You give us hope for a brighter future.

Private chats with govt heavy: mixed results
@ Local 1: You could do to read up on the NT’s Local Government Act (2011) which, from my understanding, in no way puts the interests of ratepayers above those of the community as a whole, including the traditional owners of the land upon which our town is built.
For your information:
The Northern Territory Local Government Act 2011 is the Local Government Act currently in force in the Northern Territory.
This Act seeks to provide a legislative framework:
(a) to establish a democratic and effective system of local government that recognises the diversity of communities in the Territory; and
(b) to confer on councils wide powers to act for the advancement, and in the best interests, of their local communities; and
(c) to enable councils to play a broad role in promoting the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of their local communities; and
(d) to impose high standards of ethical conduct on council members; and
(e) to require of councils high standards of governance, service delivery, asset management and financial accountability; and
(f) to require councils to promote and assist constructive participation by their local communities in achieving effective local government for their areas.

News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development
@ Lawrence: I’m afraid you have misinterpreted my position on the matter. I do not believe in “voting blocks” of ANY kind – neither “mine” nor “yours” – but prefer that all councillors vote independently for what they believe is best for our town.
The ongoing stagnation in Alive Springs Town Council demonstrates a complete lack of vision for the town’s future.
We are being let down badly by our so-called “community leadership”. Mabel has hit the nail on the head: we need change at the top.

News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development
More evidence, as if it were needed, that our Alice Springs Town Council is run as a little dictatorship.
Once you have a voting block, you can ride roughshod over the remaining councillors to the point of excluding them altogether. Transparency and community inclusivity is needed more than ever.

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