Wow! I’ve finally made it to the renegade status and …

Comment on Bad news for native title group reformers by The Renegade – Ron Morony.

Wow! I’ve finally made it to the renegade status and you can’t imagine how delighted I was to be branded in this way.
For most of my career I have been branded as a very conservative person.
It is really a sad state of affairs when a son of the traditional owners of this country can’t ask questions on behalf of those who have been disempowered by people who should know better.
I won’t go into a defense as I know that the people who matter are seeking my assistance and advice. As a registered director of one of the thee native title estate groups it is my responsibility to ask questions.
What is it that is so difficult about calling the “Old Guard” to account? Aren’t we entitled to know what is happening to the companies set up to represent the interests of the native title holders especially when one has failed recently with serious debts of some $2.5 million?
I have sat on boards of major corporations and built a statutory authority to a $billlion corporation.
Had I lost money like that which has occurred at CDE Civil, I would have been called to account. But here people don’t seem to want to explain themselves and just brand those who dare question as renegades or troublemakers.
When it comes to protocols, I had always believed that working with the the kwertengerle and the Ampereke-artweye was fundamental.
Perhaps I have missed something about addressing land and native title issues. Other formal approaches for information get ignored so what is the correct protocol?
If asking questions for my elders is being a renegade then I wear the badge with honour.
Ron Morony
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