Interesting story, but now how ’bout linking this to town …

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Interesting story, but now how ’bout linking this to town housing as well. Parents taking kids from town to community. Have Territory housing in town as well as a home on the community, so which school are they attending? Not the one in town that is for sure as when they are in town, the kids have nothing to do, but walk around and get bored and run amok around neighbours’ yards. In town for a few days, and then back to the community for weeks at a time when they get reported on about drinking and fighting. Holiday homes, good for some.

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Agree Evelyne, but parents don’t care. I just hope the court system is strict enough to not let them off with a slap on their little wrists.

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What a ridiculous idea and of course costs to who, us the locals in our taxes. Just move the Cultural and Art Centre out to DPC and leave everything else alone PLEASE.

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@ Hal Duell: Centrecorp, in which Congress are shareholders, own Milner Road Supermarket which also sells alcohol.

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@ Hal: I agree with Catherine, she needs (as well as all councillors), to feel safe whilst attending and leaving council meetings.

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Great stuff, well done.

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