Yes – all income management does is make things worse. …

Comment on Carrots for jobs, sticks for education and grog by Bev.

Yes – all income management does is make things worse. It ends up mostly punishing those who are trying to do the right thing. Personal circumstances must be taken into consideration.
To reward the rich and hurt the poor is shocking behaviour. Yes, the kids do need more to do on an age appropriate level. Alcoholism has a basic cause – self esteem – in other words the basic needs of the individual are not being met. To just give without working is destructive – but to hand jobs to those who are untrained just because of a popularity contest will cause the downfall of many.
If you have teachers who are only partly trained or who have been given the job on the grounds that they are popular then everything is destroyed. Why does every child have to go to uni. Uni itself gives theory but no practical knowledge.
Why are people being forced into jobs they do not particularly want – just because someone else identifies one of their skills – and ignores all other skills that person has.
There are three stages to human development – the ID (baby who needs food, love and personal care); the EGO (the child who has to have everything they and their friends want – many adults are still at this stage); the superego (a person with a balance between needs, wants and what others need and want).

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SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
Why for just the Aboriginals – people get bored with this. An art gallery instead of homes, recreation, job prospects and only for the few remaining Aboriginals with only 1% of the blood being Aboriginal.

Leaving school: what are the options in Alice if you’ve got a disability?
Employers too need to get in line with what disabled can and cannot do – don’t expect a person with disabilities to do what someone without disabilities can do.
However, don’t treat the disabled like idiots. use their capabilities without over-doing it. This makes a big difference.

Four dogs suspected poisoned with 1080
What about humans who come into contact with the poisoned animals – young kids who touch them then put their fingers in their mouths or touch a meal afterwards without washing their hands.
Can this poison be absorbed through the skin?
What if a child’s pet is poisoned and the kid insists on holding it – especially if adults are not around or watching closely?

Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
No proof and the police can close the shop down – that is supposed to be illegal so maybe Reece Kershaw should be charged.
It would be different if the owner was given evidence of it happening.
This is not supposed to be a police state – being run by the police who just decide to close down shops without proof.

Police use spikes to stop children driving car ‘dangerously’
Not only that, were they licensed?
Youth diversion is not the answer.
What they tell them is that if they do wrong they can get away with it.
Cars are not toys and people have a right to their lives.
Those endangering others need a serious sentence – not just a tap on the wrist.

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