Yes – all income management does is make things worse. …

Comment on Carrots for jobs, sticks for education and grog by Bev.

Yes – all income management does is make things worse. It ends up mostly punishing those who are trying to do the right thing. Personal circumstances must be taken into consideration.
To reward the rich and hurt the poor is shocking behaviour. Yes, the kids do need more to do on an age appropriate level. Alcoholism has a basic cause – self esteem – in other words the basic needs of the individual are not being met. To just give without working is destructive – but to hand jobs to those who are untrained just because of a popularity contest will cause the downfall of many.
If you have teachers who are only partly trained or who have been given the job on the grounds that they are popular then everything is destroyed. Why does every child have to go to uni. Uni itself gives theory but no practical knowledge.
Why are people being forced into jobs they do not particularly want – just because someone else identifies one of their skills – and ignores all other skills that person has.
There are three stages to human development – the ID (baby who needs food, love and personal care); the EGO (the child who has to have everything they and their friends want – many adults are still at this stage); the superego (a person with a balance between needs, wants and what others need and want).

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Royal Commission: Children’s voices are at the centre
Not all Aboriginal kids but some and some white ones too – some are getting on with it.
Some are falling by the wayside and it is often a choice. Not many are in the same position as I am with no choice but that is because of me have so many rich relations that never gave a dam about what they did to us.
Those who differentiate between white and black are in the wrong. The minute they stop the differentiation and start treating everybody the same the outcomes will be better.

28 minutes with Dale Wakefield
I suspect the move that closed The Rock to climbers was actually a move to allow Gina Rinehart and other mining companies to mine near the rock – why? Because of the minerals. The Rock is under just as much threat from the weather as is from the climbers.
Now since I [believe] James Packer is being forced out of business – and I suspect some of the relations are involved – that some other people are going to try build a casino down at The Rock.
What they don’t know is they don’t back the Aboriginess but only use them to gain what they want. It is the perfect setting for the rich to build a resort and a casino and make a fortune to send out of the country.
I have long been these peoples victim – and some of the Aboriginals know.
The name Wilson is actually a Gunnedah name and I suspect this plan has been generations in the making

Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
Put in a comment and get told I have already said that – well I did years ago but if it is recently said it was not me so someone is claiming to be me.

Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
Maybe someone can mention to the Town Council that it is time they got up to date and started recycling – there are many in Alice Springs without access to cars so the recycling shop is out of access and also so are the charities which are in town and well out of reach of those without cars.
This morning I cleaned out the cupboards and got rid of cooking things we never use – the problem: No car and no-one to help get rid of them.
If the council does not like that sort of thing going in the rubbish then they had best start recycling: Have one bin for general rubbish, one for recycling and one for garden.
Expensive initially but far less so as time goes on and better for the charities and for the environment.
However I start to wonder if they even care about staying up to date.

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
For the person who speaks about duplicate comments I say this.
Duplication of comments stresses what you say. It is used in the above article – but I guess because Jacinta Price is an Aboriginal and backed by Damien Ryan that is OK for her to do it but not others.
That is racial prejudice and that is the point I am making, that if she is backed because she is Aboriginal then she is judging others on the fact they are not Aboriginal. So she is not any better than anyone before her.

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