Perhaps some other questions need to be asked. Which, if …

Comment on Are fire vandals the only ones to blame for the state of the river? by Hal Duell.

Perhaps some other questions need to be asked.
Which, if any, of our three tiers of government is responsible for Australia’s waterways?
Would that include the portion of the Todd River within the municipality of Alice Springs?
And if legal responsibility can be sheeted home to one tier of government, is it possible to ask them to do something about the fire and flood hazard that the Todd has become?
At present it sounds like there is still too much buck-passing. From the NT Government to AAPA, from AAPA to the Town Council, but who has the final say?
In contrast to the Todd, the Stuart Highway and the large storm water drain between Bradshaw Drive and Larapinta Drive are well looked after by MasterPath. I think they are under contract from the NT Government to keep that corridor mowed and clean.
Earlier in the year I watched some controlled burns.
They have recently completed an extensive replanting with what appears to be a significantly successful strike rate.
Periodically they undertake work to ensure that any flood water that does enter the drains has every chance of making it out of town. Or at least as far as the Todd.
Can a similar contract be let for the Todd River? The contract could include removing the existing fuel load and keeping it down, and dredging the accumulated sand islands that are anchored by the invasive couch and buffel grasses. The initial costs will be significant, but that’s to be expected after years of dithering, buck-passing and cultural demarcation disputes.
It may be too late for many of the hollowed out and burned out older trees. I noticed another one smouldering last Sunday in front of the Casino.
After dragging out the old, dead stuff and dredging a deeper water course, we could reforest. In time we might successfully re-incorporate the Todd into the life of Alice by making it an area to be proud of rather than an area to avoid.

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