A positive showcase of Indigenous employment alive + well in …

Comment on Arrernte Workforce for hire: ‘We don’t need funding’ by TMSP.

A positive showcase of Indigenous employment alive + well in our Red Centre!
Improved labour market participation is central to achieving positive social and economic outcomes for Indigenous people.
Keep up the great work!

Recent Comments by TMSP

No, you can’t 🙁
It’s a shame society is incapable of realizing the value of skateboarding being both a culture and recreational activity for many creative and energetic people.
Alice Springs has a well-established skateboarding and photography culture. And our skaters should be taken seriously.
Can we please stop putting up “No…” signs everywhere?
At the very least – could decision makers research Edmund Bacon’s “Love Park” where skaters turned the seemingly bleak downtown plaza (sound familiar?) into a major tourist attraction or Tony Bracali’s designing active communities to promote healthy lifestyles – the lessons learnt about skateboarding in public space now being embraced by exciting cities and towns around the world.
Imagine. Skate Red CeNTre – Alice Springs a skating destination. A possible economic venture.
Just my thoughts.

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