I’d like to second Don McKenzie’s comments above, and at …

Comment on Krafty’s call to arms to revitalise tourism industry by Glenn Law.

I’d like to second Don McKenzie’s comments above, and at the same time wish the Town That Is Alice all the very best success in every way.
Perhaps Krafty should have remembered Rex Law, who was the first coach tour operator to complete a round trip from Brisbane with a coach load of bushwalkers / tourists to Ayers Rock and the Olgas in 1957.
His Redline company went on to be perhaps the most prolific coach tour operator from the state capitals into Central Australia, providing camping and accommodated itineraries for the company’s thousands of clients during the ’60s.
Rex constructed the Redline Chalet at the Rock in 1962 with the upgraded air-conditioned Redline Motel (later becoming the Inland Motel) added in 1967.
In 1969 Rex also built the original 82 unit Territory Motel, located between Leichardt Terrace and Todd Street in Alice Springs, now known as the Aurora.
I’m currently researching a book about Rex and his coach business and race car interests, and would particularly like any photos and history about the other four original motels / lodges at Ayers Rock.
I’ll provide a contact if there’s a positive response.

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