George was an old family friend of the Rosses. He …

Comment on George Brown 1927 – 2011 by Julie Ross.

George was an old family friend of the Rosses. He was MC at Neil and my wedding and I remember many occasions when Ron and George shared a wee dram. Neil and I stayed with George, in Edinburgh last year and had the pleasure of meeting some of his busking friends. We will miss his entertaining emails describing his many “fans” and his adventures. He will certainly be missed by our family – a true gentleman and friend. Rest in Peace George.

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A weapon concealed in knee replacement?
In response to Charlie Carter’s complaint about the great job airport security do, I can only say – get used to it Charlie.
I had a double knee replacement in 2008. I have traveled extensively nationally and internationally since then and always set off the security scanner.
The Alice Springs airport security have always treated me with dignity and respect, with the opportunity to be “wanded” in privacy. I make sure I dress accordingly – slip on shoes, no bling on my clothes.
Be thankful Charlie that you don’t wear a bra – security have to touch you wherever the scanner beeps. In my experience, international security staff are not so respectful – no opportunity for a female officer to pat me down or worse still – they ignore the scanner going off and you are left wondering if anyone carrying a weapon has managed to sneak through onto your flight!
It’s unfortunate Charlie that we, and everyone else with a piece of metal in their body, have to go through this process, however, if it gives us the security that the chance of someone carrying a weapon onto a plane departing from Alice Springs is minimalised, I have no objections and plan my trip accordingly.

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