I remember George becoming actively involved in setting up the …

Comment on George Brown 1927 – 2011 by Bob Liddle.

I remember George becoming actively involved in setting up the Central Australian Aboriginal Advancement League with Dad (Milton) and Uncle Arthur and others back in the early to mid sixties.
He was a lovely man and I deeply regret his passing. Condolences to Fiona and all the family.
Bob Liddle

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Intending Desert Knowledge investor blasts board
The statements made by me is a personal view of the proposal and should not be taken as a view of the board.
However, the concept has merit and should be allowed to proceed without unnecessary restriction.

Letters to the Editor
I stand by the my comments as they were based on discussions over the years with ex diggers, H. Liddle, M. Liddle, R. Dubois, M. Conway and others.
I wont be dishing the dirt with family members. It is puerile, vacuous and nasty.
Bob Liddle, OAM

Native title group: losing a battle but winning the war?
Interesting that Mr Pearce is to be reined in, so to speak, and about time. He has not carried out his duties in a transparent manner, to say the very least. No proper financial statements, balance sheets etc, proper accountability has ever been ever provided to members.
He should resign immediately for the betterment of everyone.
Another matter is that Ms Harris is not a Native Title Holder of Lhere Artepe.
She is a great granddaughter of Topsy Smith who was born at Peake in South Australia, a descendant of the Arabanna people. Ms Harris has NO Arunta blood whatsoever.
The genealogy of her family can be sourced from Dick Kimber’s book, Man from Arltunga, a biography of Walter Smith, her great uncle. Bob Liddle.

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