Bob’s vision for NT builds on his immense experience and …

Comment on 2022 AD – What we could hope for in Indigenous affairs, apart from the odd miracle by Katherine Guinea.

Bob’s vision for NT builds on his immense experience and study gained over 30 odd years. The most astounding thing about this article is that he still has a vision about improving the life of the most impoverished and marginalised peoples in our country. He continues not only to speak up but he has never given up using the privileges of his background and education to work together “on the front line” with the First Peoples of this most wealthy nation. Social inequality and racism is rampant within Australia and this is not confined to the NT.
The situation of the majority of Aboriginal people living in rural and remote Australia is not dissimilar to that in Central Australia. This is what the “99% global social movement” is about – demanding that our political leaders and their organisations and the corporations who support them, are accountable for their decisions and take responsibility for the impact of their actions on all those, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, who are forced to live in appalling misery, without dignity, without hope, without the means to work out solutions to our problems.
Abbott is merely the spokesperson for the powerful elites who will do whatever it takes to strengthen the status quo. ALP is only marginally better when it comes to rebuilding a more equal, tolerant, fairer and just Australia. As Bob says without a national consensus, without a redistribution of the wealth, without the “urban haves” being prepared to give-up a some of what they have and demand that we look after our brothers and sisters who live in rural and remote regions of this resource rich country, the future is bleak. Let’s hope others dare to care as Bob does as it’s the only way to force social change.

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