Hi Bob, I love your sincere vision and commitment to …

Comment on 2022 AD – What we could hope for in Indigenous affairs, apart from the odd miracle by Debra.

Hi Bob,
I love your sincere vision and commitment to positive change in the NT and I respect your wealth of experience and understanding, and the amazing work you have done up there in Central Australia.
I don’t have the experience of having lived or worked in the NT, and I’m not sure if this will resonate with you or anyone else out there at all but I feel it’s a perspective I’d like to share.
Of all the articles I have read about indigenous affairs I find many of them inspiring but at the same time frustrating, because I truly believe that everything being done to try to create deep positive change is being thwarted due to one major problem that never ever seems to be addressed overtly and emphatically, as I believe it needs to be.
I truly believe that the absolutely fundamental problem is an energetic one, at the very foundations of the individual, and that without shifting this, we are pushing sh*t uphill. Anyone who is struggling, indigenous or non-indigenous is in that place because they are unable to find alignment with their true selves within their life.
People who find alignment, perhaps through their sport, art or music or whatever their passion is, or who are fortunate enough to be living a particular way of life that they love, will always thrive.
Those who are not thriving are those who are out of alignment. Perhaps they are unable to move past grief, trauma and shock, sometimes immobilising themselves further through drug and alcohol abuse, whilst their confusion and anxiety is being added to by a society that is trying to help by piling “solutions” on top of this deep, emotional state. Such solutions either do not offer alignment, or they are unable to strike a chord of alignment while the grief, shock and trauma are present.
When people’s lives are in alignment with who they truly are, they are happy. (I know this deeply for myself, a recent example being having just left my teaching position because I no longer wanted to be there. I had begun to feel extremely tired, uninspired, got a sore back and physical illnesses, although I’m usually always well. The moment I decided to leave my health returned.)
When people are living a life that doesn’t feel true for them, illness usually shows up. When people are struggling in life they may need support to hear their inner guidance and acknowledge who they truly are and what they want in life, and to assist them to work from that point to get it.
From a supporter’s point of view, for this to happen, the supporter (government, community worker, health worker, teacher, counsellor etc) needs also to appreciate and be in that feeling of alignment in life, and let the creation of the change, the mental and emotional shifts (a.k.a. the energetic shifts) and the action steps come from the people themselves who want their lives to change.
Offering up intelligent, thoughtful, well intended “solutions” in the form of money, great ideas for projects, public education campaigns and the like will be very unlikely to reach the places where change has to occur … those unconscious thoughts and feelings that account for over 90% of the choices we make in life. Nobody likes to follow advice that doesn’t resonate with them. When it does resonate, the change occurs effortlessly. The quickest way to come up with solutions that resonate is to find them within oneself.
If the well being of the individual, at the level of unconscious thoughts and feelings, can be made a priority for both the supported and the supporter, would it not be one thousand percent more likely that any efforts applied thereafter on the material plane will bear fruit?
Shaky foundations need attention … we could spend a lifetime building with the greatest love and care upon them and continue to feel disappointed, confused and exhausted at the instability of our structure and the need to keep changing it.
Happy New Year out there,
Cheers, Debra

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