I believe any money given out by government should be …

Comment on Can the town afford the welfare burden? by Kathy Fritz.

I believe any money given out by government should be earned. No matter what colour you are. If I employ a cleaner, they expect to be told what I want them to do to earn the money I give them, same for unemployed people. There are many jobs need doing around town. Just look at the untidy streets in this town, home help assistance with the carers. Not great jobs, but unless people go to school, learn English and get educated, it’s up to each and everyone to help themselves, not expect someone else to fix things for them.

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International flights to Alice would lower fares
Alice Springs should have been an international airport years ago.
It would cut down on noise and curfews in the cities, be a national airport to anywhere in Australia, and central to all states in Australia except of course Tasmania.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Get the bottle shops to hire their own security, or make buyers go inside the shop to purchase their goods.

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
If we are only going to put a bandaid on the known problem why this is happening, why not close all drive through bottle shops in Alice Springs?
That way persons must enter the premises to get their service.

A good spot for the art gallery?
A pity the government does not stand up and say, “enough is enough”. But no, we pussy foot around and do not want to be called racist so we do nothing, but make excuses for these arseholes.
Young or not, this behaviour was once not tolerated, now it is.
Do not blame the police, as they do a terrific job with the resources, but if the courts left these arseholes out onto the street again, with a slap, they do the same thing again, and destroy someone else’s holiday or home or car.

Will we say sorry to the Abandoned Generation in 10 years?
Until there is one law for all Australians and not two, one for white and one for black, this will continue and get worse.
Sending them to their community has been done, but was a failure.
Government works spent the days driving out to the communities to see if the offenders were there. Most not. What a waste of tax payers resources.
An ankle band and monitored would be the way to go. And community service would at least benefit the town a little.

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