Isn’t it really time in this town to start calling …

Comment on Can the town afford the welfare burden? by DN.

Isn’t it really time in this town to start calling a spade a bloody shovel?
One just needs to head down the street at 2pm to see where the effort is going in this town – meanwhile the rest of us are slogging it out every day trying to earn a quid. Does that quid get spent in the town? Well, let’s be honest – no it doesn’t.
For an increasing number of workers that money is spent out of town. Who could be bothered shopping in town when the service is crap, or going out when you know that you are going to put up with screaming, abusive drunk people? Even the walk back to the car is a stress test in itself – are you going to be accosted or will your car still be in one piece?
It’s time to take a good hard look around the town, and see what is really going on. Businesses are closing, restaurants are empty. It isn’t that people don’t have the money, they just don’t want the aggravation.
We have public servants who are here to mark up their resumes and over priced housing that makes it easier for people to pay off their flash homes down south. To add insult to injury we have a government who are good at talking, paying for telly ads that tell everyone the bleeding obvious or sponsoring festivals and concerts.
It’s time for those who support or work in the Aboriginal industry to stop the crap. The talk of footy, music and art as cultural indicators is rubbish. You can only support culture if you can afford to pay for it. In my world, footy, music and art are pastimes that you indulge in when you have the cash.
Time for parents to be held accountable for not giving their children an education. Time for kids to come out of school and be able to count, read and write in the language of the society that they expect to fit into.
It might also be time for public servants and others on the public purse to realise that if people want to indulge in cultural pursuits, then maybe, just maybe they should pay for it. Not the taxpayer.

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Meanwhile, throughout the world, there is a growing realisation that the great climate con is all about the money and where it is flowing.
How much longer are people going to put up with this renewables fiasco?
It seems to have escaped a great number of politicians throughout the West that business = tax revenue and the more businesses that are driven out of operation by escalating costs the less real tax there is.

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They can give the damned money back!
We are taxed to the gunnels by all levels of government and enough is enough.

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The arguments here over who is right or wrong are really moot.
The real question is how are we as a Territory going to pay for the services that our citizens need / demand.
If selling gas is the only option, then we sell gas.
We can no longer expect taxpayers in other struggling regional areas of the country to subsidise us $5.28 for every $1 we collect in GST revenues.

And just to highlight my personal views – I didn’t vote for the ALP because of their views on fracking / 50% renewables (which is totally unaffordable).
I voted for them because they weren’t Adam Giles.

Town gets a say in its economic future as $2b cut hits home
All of these comments here about “our” loss, but what about the loss of those that actually pay the GST? $0.30 for every $1 collected in WA, whereas we receive $5.28 for every $1 collected.
The only answer is MORE private industry, but I fear that we are pushing it up hill, when we see that the NTG is still using government owned / operated facilities to compete with private industry (sentenced to a job program), and we have not for profits competing against industry for work, and activism dressed up as business.

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Are we getting to the point that we have too many snouts and not enough troughs?

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