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Comment on Darwin to get cheap housing but Alice not yet by Bev.

@! You should know where the figures come from – out of their heads – they have not got a vision for Central Australia – they say politicians and actors have a lot in common – only thing is the actors are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
Who really wants to live in the path of the aeroplanes. It is not only Melanka that is vacant – there are other places too. It is not so long since all we heard was about the government trying to get people away from the cities – what are they doing about it.
If the politicians refuse to consider Central Australia then maybe we should refuse to pay taxes (which were meant for the benefit of ALL Australians – not just city people). It’s not only housing but remote services that are losing out. We are getting untrained or semi-trained people as staff for essential services just because we live here – things are deteriorating rapidly. I think if they can’t come up with something better then we should put them on income management until they get their act together.

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SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
Why for just the Aboriginals – people get bored with this. An art gallery instead of homes, recreation, job prospects and only for the few remaining Aboriginals with only 1% of the blood being Aboriginal.

Leaving school: what are the options in Alice if you’ve got a disability?
Employers too need to get in line with what disabled can and cannot do – don’t expect a person with disabilities to do what someone without disabilities can do.
However, don’t treat the disabled like idiots. use their capabilities without over-doing it. This makes a big difference.

Four dogs suspected poisoned with 1080
What about humans who come into contact with the poisoned animals – young kids who touch them then put their fingers in their mouths or touch a meal afterwards without washing their hands.
Can this poison be absorbed through the skin?
What if a child’s pet is poisoned and the kid insists on holding it – especially if adults are not around or watching closely?

Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
No proof and the police can close the shop down – that is supposed to be illegal so maybe Reece Kershaw should be charged.
It would be different if the owner was given evidence of it happening.
This is not supposed to be a police state – being run by the police who just decide to close down shops without proof.

Police use spikes to stop children driving car ‘dangerously’
Not only that, were they licensed?
Youth diversion is not the answer.
What they tell them is that if they do wrong they can get away with it.
Cars are not toys and people have a right to their lives.
Those endangering others need a serious sentence – not just a tap on the wrist.

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