Car hire fees: all the rental companies are tarred with …

Comment on With the car rental firm Hertz, it all adds up by Judy Barker.

Car hire fees: all the rental companies are tarred with the same brush. So much for truth in advertising. I have written to consumer affairs bodies several times on this particular issue, but apparently it is too hard to force all the rental companies to be honest and upfront.

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‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Once upon a time, in a council far far away, The Council decided to build a new office, and the commoners said ‘No, no, not needed!”
So the council put the matter to a local plebiscite.
With two choices – do you want the new council office in Brown St or White St?
The commoners got together and all agreed to write “NO NEW OFFICE” on the voting slip.
So when the votes were counted, there were 105 votes for Brown Street, 220 votes for White Street, and 5430 votes that were informal.
So the new office was built in White Street AND THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE!

Housing boost, with help from the government
100 units? – think again – my last “unit count’ – and this is NOT including Melanka – was 205, on the drawing board or under construction.

White Gums: new plans for rural suburb
I attended the public Planning Forum into Kilgariff estate design, and made the submission that every house should have rainwater tanks, aerobic septics, photovoltaic energy generation, compulsory!
I was laughed out of the room.

Put town planning into the hands of the people
@ Rod Cramer: I’m not suggesting private developers be given decision making either – I’d just like to see DCA et al apply their own rules! The way things are, private developers DO make all the decisions, because Planning approve anything they want!

Put town planning into the hands of the people
@ Rod Cramer: Quote “planning schemes … provide certainty.” No, they don’t! That’s the whole point!
NT Planning Scheme rules are varied as a matter of course. Gap Road, old bowling club property: 11,000 approximately square meters, under MD zone, is suitable for 36 units, under MR zoning, is suitable for 55.
Yet 68 have been approved (at least that’s down from the original submission for 75).
Bloomfield Street: 11 units approved for a property area suitable for nine.
The original Mt John Valley estate brochure clearly showed dedicated SD and MD blocks. If purchasers chose an SD block, with an SD block each side, they should have been able to expect not to have units next door: Yet several blocks have been rezoned to MD – with variations approved of course!

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