Hi Erwin, Kieran and family, I am so grieved to …

Comment on Alice Springs News loses defamation case by Jose Petrick.

Hi Erwin, Kieran and family, I am so grieved to read the court’s decision and agree with everything said by Domenico Pecorari, Russell Guy, Hal Duell, Murray and Brigida Stewart and John Stafford. Since working with you at The Advocate from 1976-78 I have always admired your forthrightness, ability to ferret out the truth and the courage to publish it.

Recent Comments by Jose Petrick

Rotary women to the fore, honour for prison volunteer
Enid so deserves this award. It is good to know all her work is appreciated. She drives out every Saturday in all weathers and knows all the prisoners’ relatives and children’s names. She scrounges shoes from her friends to take as prisoners’ visitors have to wear shoes. Well done Enid.
Enid and Dorothy Grimm who also received the Rotary Paul Harris Award feel they are carrying on Sister Eileen Heath’s good work. Sr Eileen started the Prison Fellowship here which Dorothy Grimm runs.
Prison Fellowship started in America, is international and covers over 200 countries. There is a Prison Fellowship Australia in every state. This is the organisation to which Enid Harland belongs.

Was Framptons real estate agent David Forrest considering a career change?
Dear Erwin and Kieran,
I think the way the court has treated you is absolutely shameful and so is David Forrest wanting to buy the Alice Springs News.
Congratulations to you both for your high standard of writing.
Best wishes – Jose Petrick

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