All these nominations to represent our town. An observation walk …

Comment on How can we all be winners? by Janet Brown.

All these nominations to represent our town. An observation walk for voters. Go and note all election materials and observe those who not only want to represent our town but support businesses of this town. I know that Damian Ryan has all his electioneering material done in Adelaide. No supporting local businesses by this mayoral candidate. I must admit I am going to put last every nomination that went interstate or to Darwin for their electoral campaign material. This election voters need to consider the facts of the respect of candidates to our electorate. Support those who support our town. Our businesses. And put last those who refuse to support our home town.
ED – The Alice Springs News Online put Ms Brown’s comment to Mayor Damien Ryan for response. He said all printed material for his campaign was produced in Alice Springs, namely by his camera shop (some posters) and Colemans Printing (leaflets). The exception were “plasticised” (weather resistant) posters which Colemans could not supply. These were obtained from an Adelaide based company by a supporter Mr Ryan declined to name.

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Anzac Precinct: govt declines to play ball, confusion reigns
Thank goodness for the NT Government finally standing by the project and the work will commence. This too and fro has dragged on for too long. I applaud the minister for her strong stand and commitment to Alice Springs and its future.

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
This entire talk fest is due to lack of understanding. The oval is not going to be built on. It is going to be enhanced as a public space for events and activities.
The gallery will go on the school site [which is] NT Government land.
The community needs to step up against this protest that continues to promote lies and misinformation to support their negativity, an attack by a few against the best interest of the town.
If this project was to encroach on the oval I would find it necessary to get more info and I may be a no voter.
The community’s voice should be heard by council elected members. Why are they being lead away from facts by negative protests based on deliberate misinformation to support their abuse of community interest?

Four councillors walk out of tonight’s Town Council meeting
A walk out for 10 minutes. That is what a parent demands for a child behaviouing petulantly.
Our elected members have shown their childish side with this behaviour.
Petulant behaviour left only adults in the chamber.
How can we the residents really see any maturity in our current council?

Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
YD. The ground the old high school sits on is not your oval. The gallery is being built on that land. There is no building on the oval.
I am so concerned for the logic of the protesting few. The oval is not mine or yours.
It is council public property. For everyone.
The school is going and a new building being built. The gallery. Please think about your protest before yell to loudly. The school grounds are not the oval.

Indigenous gallery location done and dusted, says Lambley
I have spoken also to many people and they support Anzac as the location. As stated it is going on the land of the old high school.
A meeting at council and public consultation. It is government land. They do not have to consult with anyone.
When it comes to including the oval for open area then that is a need for MOU. Basic logic. The building is going on the government land. Now let’s all settle down and deal with facts.

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