“We must all rise above these matters when a good …

Comment on Sporting identity lashes out at real estate figure over boycott of children’s charity. by Graeme Sumner.

“We must all rise above these matters when a good cause such as this paramount in welding our community together,” Mr Stewart says.
Yet the day before Mr Stewart was doing anything but welding the community together, attacking the un-named but obvious identity of the Framptons boss who was successful in the defamation case against the Alice Springs News.
Why would this real estate agent’s staff realistically want to participate in a charity event organised by Mr Stewart when he appears to harbour great hostility towards the company, and through your letters pages, has publicly endorsed the losing side in a pretty bitter legal dispute.
As I see it, this story is no more than the first of many attempts by the Alice Springs News to settle a score with Framptons.
We’ve always had better from you as a journalist Erwin, and we expect better into the future.
Let’s not allow petulance, one-upmanship and publisher vanity to be the new paradigm on these pages.

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