Steve, I’ve been surprised by how many people consider take-away …

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Steve, I’ve been surprised by how many people consider take-away alcohol sales free day/s to be “prohibition.”

A restriction such as this still leaves the pubs and clubs as licensed venues for the consumption of alcohol. It’s a controlled environment, whereas take-away is not.

One of the main arguments in this debate about the acknowledged excessive alcohol consumption in Alice Springs (twice the national average) is the cost.

For the life of me, I can’t see why protecting the right to drink at the cost of many hundreds of millions of dollars per year to NT taxpayers is seen as untouchable. I won’t even go into the human cost, the ongoing welfare burden and loss of productivity, except to say that welfare reform is as important as alcohol reform in this instance.

The two are linked and one outcome would be better management of money and therefore quality of life for us all. That’s a significant outcome. One of the tenets of the much maligned Intervention is income management. It’s controversial, but from where I see it on a daily basis, it has taught people to think about their purchase and whether or not the six pack is not as important as “trous” as a reforming alcholic friend has been asking me these past weeks, i.e, trousers.

It has been hard work getting this one man to consider the one day per week job that I try to oversee, but he’s making progress, despite my, at times, inability to take anymore. It’s the employer/employee relationship that is par of the real work too.

It may sound patronising to some, but money management is as essential to the individual who has not had to consider saving before, as it is to the State. I have also found, like you, whenever you try to paint a bigger picture, someone tries to cut you down to size, but we all learn realpolitik by engaging in this kind of debate.

I have learnt that logic and reason are not necessarily acceptable arguments, because, I suppose, we are from so many different walks of life and differing cultural experience, but anyhow, thanks for engaging.

I’d much rather talk to someone than not and I too, as someone else quoted Voltaire today, value your right to say it. I hope what I have argued above in relation to take-away alcohol sales free day/s having merit, makes some kind of sense for you.

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Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Yeah, good one, Steve. Remind me to watch Groundhog Day again, next time I run into you in the Mall.

Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Steve, the name is Russell. You are so petty to introduce fried foods into the “logic” of excessive alcohol consumption and its ghastly contribution to inequality in this town. Let’s see your analysis of the economic costs and income management program. You’re on the side of anarchy and you can’t perceive that your policies create prohibition. You keep to the one trick of law and order and I’d reckon even the police are tired of it.

Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Steve, I’ve been reflecting on my response below and I believe I can make it clearer. I said that “the real issue is local leadership” in bringing solutions to the social problems facing Alice Springs, but in clarification, the qualities of those who aspire to it, should bear closer examination.
It appears that you are concerned by the fact that you can’t consume alcohol whenever you want and that includes cheap liquor which has a high level of pure alcohol. As I understand it, the reasoning behind a floor price is to standardise the price per drink at around that of beer – a product medically deemed less harmful than cask wine or “tawny”, for example.
Your reasoning is that “a few” alcoholics have made this difficult and you wish to remove them by “zero tolerance, law and order” policing, thereby bringing them before the courts and prison system, with no stated policy on rehabilitation or child neglect.
You appear opposed to any other method, such as prevention by restricting access to liquor supply and wish to maintain a 24/7 approach to sales, despite the cost to the taxpayer.
Have I got that right?

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I’ve not come across the term “creative arts therapist” before, but as a writer, it suggests that artists and in this case, the sculptor need therapy in order to heal, not just ourselves, but the culture within which we live.
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With thanks to the pioneering Lutheran Missionaries whose venture of faith during the 1880s was a hard slog and is well-recorded.
Their Christian concern for the Arrernte underpins our tourist industry at a time when such religious freedom as allowed their Mission Station to implement employment and educational training programs are not considered significant by a large portion of our population, including the majority of politicians.

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Paul Keating, in his 1992 Redfern Speech, framed by speechwriter Don Watson, author of the somewhat dryly punitive opus, The Bush, also claimed a historic mandate, announcing success for Reconciliation “within the next decade.”
It’s in the nature of politics to claim credit for doing something, mostly spending tax revenue and living in hope that it won’t run out.
In my opinion, the “historic” issue is just a beat up or a sop.
Pass me another piece of Bicenttennial birthday cake, please.

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