@Bob: Absolutely not, I do not support executions for petty …

Comment on Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’ by Steve.

@Bob: Absolutely not, I do not support executions for petty theft! Murder, maybe.

@Russell: I value individual freedoms over judgmental group think that pervades the nanny state mindset. I can’t bring myself to force someone to pay out of their pocket to repaint their property or risk fines when it is targeted by vandals. It’s their property isn’t it? In the same manner, why must I be prevented from buying a bottle of tawny on certain days or before a certain time (that differs from other alcohol) on other days? Doesn’t beer or cheap vodka have the same effect?

I don’t have my head in the sand regarding the social and community issues, but law abiding citizens shouldn’t have to pay for the misdeeds of a few.

What about taking away any welfare or payments for repeat or violent offenders?

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Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
I am not Steve Brown, nor am I affiliated with his campaign.
Looking at all the misinterpretation coming out of my comments, it appears that a lot of people around here need remedial reading comprehension.
1. I have never advocated zero tolerance law and order.
2. I never called alcohol restrictions a ban. I have referred to it as a prohibition, but there are differences in the meanings of the words.
3. I never supported a 24/7 sales license.
4. I have never voiced opposition to other methods of alcohol limitation aside from restricting the freedoms of law abiding citizens.
Ald Bitar can tell you about some people who were all about restricting the rights of law abiding citizens.
[ED – Hi Steve … the Alice Springs News Online greatly welcomes your comments, but may we suggest there is a case for giving our readers your full name?]

Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Since a few of the citizens of Alice have been anointed as protectors of society, why stop with the restrictions on alcohol? Surely if you ban drugs such as tobacco (nicotine), fried foods (serotonin), motorcycle riding (adrenaline) and coke (caffeine), society would be much better off. I point out the absurdity of the logic to say that any number of things that a normal person encounters on a daily basis has an affect on their behavior. How the person responds is entirely up to them and thus they must be held accountable for their actions. If there are things that society can do to help someone in need, I am in favor as long as the person does their part to affect that change.
I will not be drawn into your line of questioning since either your reading comprehension lacks or you are attempting to pin me into a corner with statements I never made.
I would suggest you assess the logic of your earlier post in which you equate responsible alcohol consumption with selfishness and anarchy. This line of reasoning is alarmist, overstated, irrational and does no good for your cause.
Your assumption about Tawny reflects your ignorance to comment about the facts of the matter. While some Tawnys are cheap, brandy-fortified wines, there are those that are aged and priced at rates along with fine wines. To lump them all together and suggest that consumption is for the sole reason of a cheap buzz undercuts any stance of knowledge you profess to have.

Besieged businessman stands for zero tolerance but also calls for more ‘joy and laughter’
Instead of alcohol prohibition talk, why not stiffen legal penalties to the point that it actually discourages criminal activity?

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If alcohol regulations are the solution to the problem, then why do all other major Australian cities with less alcohol regulation have fewer problems per capita than Alice?
Russ, call your numbers “evidence-based” all you want, but know that anyone with half a brain could produce reputable statistics to dispute any numbers you provide. Statistics in and of themselves aren’t omnipotent. You can’t seem to grasp the distinction between correlation and causation.
As someone with experience in social research, your arguments offend basic sensibilities. In addition to citing useless numbers, you refuse to consider historical precedent in countries where temperance and prohibition movements have become public policy. If alcohol was truly the root of all evil, as you spend your time preaching, shouldn’t the Middle Eastern countries with complete prohibition be a utopia?

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Why do tax payers stand for their money to be redistributed with the likely outcome of purchasing alcohol?
Why are violent offenders still able collect government welfare which would presumably contribute to their underlying issues?
While I don’t necessarily oppose some limited restrictions, I don’t see why solutions such as these aren’t considered on a national or state level.

Council poll: Law & order candidates and alcohol restriction opponents top councillor poll, could threaten Mayor
@ Russell, Ian and Hal
I chose not to include my last name to maintain a separation between my political convictions and my professional and social relationships. Since I am not running for office, citing personal experience as proof of my arguments or blindly sniping at others who disagree with me I think I am entitled to my privacy.
My first comment on this site was to spark a conversation with Russell. I was not the one who began the condescending talk. I respect Hal’s views and have used this forum to ask for clarification and expansion for thoughts about his alcohol position.
Maybe I should just list Albatross, Kiwi, or any of the other “Last Names” that others use.

Council poll: Law & order candidates and alcohol restriction opponents top councillor poll, could threaten Mayor
Since you now see the desires of the community and still feel the need to lash out and even call the town’s “church elders, councillors, political leaders, Mums, Dads, business and binge drinkers of all ages” alcoholics, maybe you should go live with David Cameron in the UK.

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@ Russell the one trick pony.
Just wait until your advocated policies bring mass bootlegging and/or organized crime to town. You think alcoholics are fun … just wait. And maybe read up about American prohibition.

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