Good on you john for taking on habib’s outrageously …

Comment on Last meeting of 11th Council descends into chaos by jocelyn davies.

good on you john for taking on habib’s outrageously bad behaviour. thanks for sharing that story of your family’s heritage and your journey of learning about the horrors of nazi germany. and thanks for your thoughtful and cool headed service to us during your council term.

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Flair, imagination, vitality: Watch This Space in 2017
Watch This Space artists and Lofties: legends! Thanks for a great write up, Kieran.

Four more years of same-same
Well put, Erwin.

Will Loop Road take Alice back to tourism top?
Thanks for a thoughtful article. I travelled the new sealed section yesterday.
Indeed it was an enjoyable trip. But like Erwin I saw so many missed opportunities.
A fundamental principle of management of natural areas for enjoyment by visitors is to establish the destination facilities for the number of planned visitors before you improve / upgrade access.
Otherwise increased numbers of visitors and inadequate facilities and services at attractions leads to degradation of the attractions, not to mention disappointed and frustrated visitors.
It certainly is disappointing that the money has only gone into the road, leaving Gosses Bluff and the Hermannburg precinct with run down facilities and no new services or even signage for tourists to orientate themselves and enjoy the region the road traverses.
Another disappointment is to see the big wide bare road verges. After next rain they will be gullies and soon covered by grass, mostly the introduced buffel grass.
An alternative, requiring more planning rather than just knee jerk road upgrade $, would be to mulch the verges with a native grass and wildflower seed mix in the mulch, to start off the road as a blooming desert experience come rain.
I’m wondering when planning for outdoor recreation and tourism in Central Australia will mature beyond roads and events.

They must be joking!
Your headline says it all, Kieran. It beggars belief.

Alice visitors information service tops nation – again
Congratulations Stephen and team. Great innovation and a fabulous two wins in a row!

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