Really John I am not concerned with your squabbles with …

Comment on Last meeting of 11th Council descends into chaos by Janet Brown.

Really John I am not concerned with your squabbles with others Steve and I are agree to disagree on many things but what we do agree with I not taking sides in petty arguments. To advocate for support on who is right or wrong is not only petty but insulting to those who do not participate in one up man ship. And next Steve has never enquirer about statehood. He does not support it but Steve is Steve and I am me. Two different people with different ideas and sometime ideologies. If am still at a loss how with 4 town councils Alice Springs was the only one to put together a video in support of statehood. No matter how you want to dress it up John by reference to statehood a piece of fiction. As it now is. You asserted your position to promote something that had once been rejected by territorians. And was not yet validated by the people of the territory whist advocating through council home page Alice Springs support for statehood. The residents were not asked if they support statehood you assumed they did or worse you decided what you wanted regardless of a people’s democrats voice. You assume to much John. And now for all to see statehood is closed down and again I ask make public how much of rate payers money did you spend on your promotion to promote your views.

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Last meeting of 11th Council descends into chaos
Blah blah blah John. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck. Then your telling us it could not possibly be a duck. Your explanation seems to lack factual information. Maybe after Erwin’s article councils secret. That tells us that the current council seems to find it impossible to tell the truth. Sssshhhhh. The truth is hidden in confidential. So how much would that be in total in the last four years your lot have squandered of ratepayers’ monies. Just guessing from what is out there and not hidden in confidential. It comes in over $3m. So rates have to rise to cover your incompetence and your worried and upset of some name calling.

Last meeting of 11th Council descends into chaos
I have been demanding that the Alice Springs Town Council removes the video from its web site promoting Statehood. And this Video contains mostly John Rawnsley. And the end with Damian Ryan. I have always advocated against statehood. And today on the ABC the federal government has put it on ice and closed it down. Yea, finally commonsense has found its way to the top. Next let’s do an investigation into the NT Government, how much they have spent on Statehood. And also how much Alice Springs council spent on that video. And why a local government body involved themselves in statehood promotion.

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Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
Russel has made it clear he supports the BDR. He also supports [Dr John] Boffa.
I was sitting next to Russel, me on the right in the photo. Were else would I be?
He supported removing police from bottle shops.
These positions should not be given to persons who have a desire to implement floor pricing. That will affect those who do not have a drinking problem. They have no answer to fix the problem drinkers. So they attack the rest of community.
Russel is okay, his big pay packet can cope with extra cost. What about the working people in Alice?
Just making ends meet with high rents and electricity cost and the rest of extra costs due to living here in Alice.
That’s right. Just attack them again in the wallet that is nearly empty already.
I am sick and tired of this punish he majority for the minority. Bad choice in my book.

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
The issue of the feminist voice is that it groups together to attack any woman who dares to stand alone and not join their pack of the pathetic victimhood clan. Those who are prepared to throw men under the bus to obtain superiority. At the same time they take the same approach to any woman who defies their rules. Stand strong Jacinta. Victim cards cannot be found in your purse.

Ballooning electricity costs: NT could make a difference
The elitist are always so far from empathy it is amazing that they can bring themselves to notice the people suffering or find $1 for the organisations helping the poor. Hey True But?
Your remarks are display a complete lack of empathy for anyone struggling with power prices. Your comments also display a “I am okay, not worried about anyone else” tone.
I do worry about elderly paying so much on power that they cannot afford eat.
I do worry about the families who are paying so much for power that food is now a luxury more than a necessity for survival.
Our governments have forced this on the people of Australia by their inability to risk manage solar implementations. What a sad world we live in when the life of ours is so easily dismissed for the belief in a ideology based on propaganda. And greed.

Ballooning electricity costs: NT could make a difference
Rising electricity costs are being ignored by government. Why? Let’s go back.
Before solar. In a clear way let’s say it costs $10m a year to run the power station. Then comes solar. More and more business and households get solar. Then over a few years those with solar are paying either nothing or getting a payment from PAWA.
The facts are the power station still requires $10m to operate.
So for example those with solar have removed $7m from payments to the power company.
That requires those without solar to pay the $10m.
Simple maths based on logic and fact.
Governments are hiding their heads in the sand as they know what they have done.
Blaming the power companies and accusing them of price gauging is a lie.
This is purely the lack of risk management of renewable energy establishment.
I raised my concerns when solar first was starting up only to be called an idiot by the then CEO of PAWA.
The NT Government should be paying the difference for their stuff up. So should every government and mostly the Feds.
There is no mystery about this. It is not a conspiracy. It is purely a lack of risk management failure by government.

No quorum to debate Cr Melky’s youth curfew motion
We require (and have done so for many years) a youth hub that allows for kids to relax and interact that provides food safety and a bed.
When are the powers to be, going to acknowledge this one ingredient always missing from the spending?
Kids need a safe place to sleep. A safe place to relax and feel normal. The very basic needs base as preached in the community services field known as the maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Boot camps are not the answer. Detention centres are not the answer. And yet no one has asked the right question.
How do we implement positive changes for these kids?
We do that by providing a bed, shelter and food. The basic to human needs. A place that offers opportunities and support.
Education and access to tutoring. Dealing with the behaviour issues is another thing altogether. When this basic need is addressed those with real behaviour issues will be visual and that requires some assistance from those with the skills.

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