I attended a council meeting last year and left thinking …

Comment on Last meeting of 11th Council descends into chaos by Ian Sharp.

I attended a council meeting last year and left thinking why would any reasonable person put themselves through that. On many issues it seemed that the Council was divided, with a majority opposed by the same three Alderman. Alderman Habib’s behaviour was simply rude and his arguments illogical. Alderman Melky was articulate, determined, and persistent despite not having the numbers. He just went on and on. And became illogical and muddled. Alderman Stuart argued his case strongly but with less rancour.
At no stage did he resort to the “you are in favour of harm to children if you do not agree with a curfew” line. I left the meeting with more respect for him than I had before. I also left with a strong sense that Damien Ryan and the other aldermen deserve a medal.
For Council to work effectively there needs to be greater rationality, tolerance, respect … and less grandstanding and self-indulgent behaviour.
Interesting article in last Friday’s Advocate by Rolf Gerritson (sorry Erwin). Worth a read.
[ED – No worries, Ian. We love competition.]

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