According to the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) figures on …

Comment on Ryan re-elected Mayor, Brown heads councillor line-up by Bob Durnan.

According to the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) figures on the web at, 10,072 first preference votes were judged to be formal in the counting of ballots cast for Alice Springs Mayor last Saturday 24th March.
Damien Ryan started off with 4,396 (43.7%) of these first preferences.
Ryan got over the line by winning the necessary quota when he got 5,570 of the 10,072 formal votes in the fourth round of preference allocation, giving him far more than the 5,037 votes needed for a winning quota in this contest.
Mayor Ryan thus scored 55.3% of the three person-preferred votes in the Alice Springs Mayoral race, with Steve Brown (on 3,979 votes, or 39.5%) having been his main remaining opponent in the count. Eli Melky at that stage had 523 votes left (5.2%).
If Melky’s remaining preferences had been distributed exhaustively, to give a two person-preferred result, Ryan’s winning margin would have been greater.
As Janet Brown has confirmed in a comment she made on Friday about another article on this site (see ), Mayor Ryan is very clearly the preferred choice of those registered electors who managed to cast valid votes in the Mayoral election.
Congratulations to Mayor Ryan, Alice Springs’ David who stood his ground against the very well-resourced Goliath that was the Action for Alice Gang of Four. He conducted a dignified campaign in the face of fiercely antagonistic and aggressive opponents, some of whom were often crudely insulting.
Many people were impressed by his steadfastness, and this probably helped secure the surprisingly large divergence of preferences away from the Gang of Four’s instructions to their followers about putting Ryan last on their ballots.
I am sure that the Mayor will try to heal the town’s wounds and work constructively with all sections of the community and levels of government in an effort to provide good municipal services and effective leadership, and strong advocacy for addressing the town’s deep-seated problems.
It is reassuring to see that a clear majority of voters prefer a calm sensible town leader who is willing to treat all others with respect and conduct himself with dignity. Let’s hope that all the other councillors find the capacity to enlarge those qualities within themselves and put aside dogmas and entertain the possibility that all of us have much more to learn about social inclusion than we can teach.

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