As well as electing a Deputy Mayor, every year Council …

Comment on BREAKING NEWS: Heenan elected Deputy Mayor by Hal Duell.

As well as electing a Deputy Mayor, every year Council decides which Councillors will represent it on its various committees that meet from once a month to once a year. On Monday night representatives were chosen for 31 committees.
Usually the number of Councillors needed on committees is the number nominated. A vote is not necessary. However, sometimes there are more nominees than positions, and a vote is required.
And this is where I feel the process breaks down. To use one example from Monday night, on the Alice Springs Town Council & Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation Partnership Committee two representatives were required and five Councillors were nominated. Council determined who got the spots by voting for each nominee in order of their nomination with any Councillor reaching an outright majority (5) declared elected as soon as it happened.
In the example, the first nominee received 6 votes and was elected, the second received 4 votes and was excluded and the third received 5 votes and was elected. The last two nominees never made it off the starting line.
I suggest a fairer method would be to vote on each nominee in the order of their nomination, but to not declare anyone elected until the votes were counted for each nominee. Then the two with the highest number of votes would be declared elected. That way all nominees would get a chance.

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Town still upset with Stuart statue, say researchers
Long live Stuart the Explorer and Two-Up the Bunny! Long may they stand with the Undoolya Perenti as monuments to Alice Springs’ artistic identity.
More would be better. Where is the Indigenous hero to join Stuart along Stuart Terrace? We all know Council would fall over themselves to balance the story being told there.
Mark Egan has created a couple of outstanding examples up the track at Aileron, but whether he would again willingly venture into the hotbed of PC naval gazing that seems to be the default atmosphere here is another question.

Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light?
“Harness the sun, the wind and the tides for energy.”
About those tides: Electricity is generated from motion. Wind works, as do turbines whether powered by coal, gas or uranium. And tides?
In Darwin tides are reportedly up to eight meters twice a day with a million tonnes of water flowing by at high tide. Why doesn’t someone stick a wheel into that?
Or, of course, we could probably generate enough power to run a dim globe or two if we harnessed the power in the revolving doors in our government house.

Local government: A lot of action beyond the 3Rs
Two big differences to consider would be that Murray Bridge is 70 kms away from Adelaide while Alice is 1600 kms away from Darwin, and Murray Bridge is on the edge of the agricultural and industrial heartland of Australia while Alice is on the edge of a desert.
It seems that our population numbers are similar, but I cannot think of a single other similarity.

Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA
“It’s not me! I didn’t do it!” And yet I doubt if there is a household in Alice that doesn’t have at least one product the manufacture of which has contributed to the waste slated for storage.
It’s called denial. If only we did waste as well as we do denial.

Gallery: Friday is the day
Now that would have been an interesting question. Do the residents of Alice really want another art gallery? Or are we being sold a pup?

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