The emerging story of the YMCA, the Alice Springs Town …

Comment on The Y withdraws from town pool management by Hal Duell.

The emerging story of the YMCA, the Alice Springs Town Council and the Aquatic and Leisure Centre is one very good reason to have the placement of all items listed for confidential discussion subject to challenge.
Had a question been asked relating to the centre, quite probably the matter would have been declared commercial in confidence and kept in Confidential. But by allowing a challenge, public awareness might have been aroused, further questions might have been asked and, who knows, answers given.
It is not in the interests of any town to keep its residents in the dark. Our Council seems to be especially keen to do that. I don’t know who is responsible for this, but suspicion has to include the council officers responsible for placing items in Confidential when drawing up the agenda.
It’s time we the public were given the right to challenge that placement, the right to ask why. And if it transpires that only 10% or 20% of a matter is confidential, then is it too much to ask Council to find a way of splitting the matter between Open and Confidential?
A bit of imagination please. And more information. Always more information. File it under transparent and accountable, and just do it.

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

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Just after midnight last night I was returning home from a shift stocking shelves, and I decided to travel up Gap Road. Suddenly, WHOOSH!, a wagon wheel passed me.
And I thought to myself, ‘Self, I wonder what wagon that wheel has just come off of?’

No ‘comprehensive business case’ yet for gallery
I think that whether the art gallery is eventually built somewhere in Alice or, as seems more and more likely, in Adelaide, the whole exercise will go down as a textbook study in how NOT to progress a major project.
I don’t know what this means for the Gunner government, but the longer he pushes it, the more the fable of Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby spring to mind.

Panel of just two for controversial Ilparpa decision
What! A social engagement with the PM in preference to a local issue that really matters. Onya, Jimmie and Jamie, ya pair of wannabees.

Cr Melky breaks silence on Code of Conduct complaints 
Onya, Rex. If ever there is a local theatrical adaptation of The Silver Skates I hope you take the leading role.

And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
This facility is on my morning dog walk, so I’ve watch it go up.
The first clue as to its purpose was when contractors came in to cut down all the trees. What’s going on here?
And then I realised they were removing any branches that could overhang the inner fence. Then came the security cameras and, voila, a neighbourhood prison.
All good, I guess.
Except this morning the gate was open and swinging in the breeze. It looks like someone didn’t need those overhanging branches after all.

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