Ziggys Cafe is a truly wonderful place, great to see …

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Ziggys Cafe is a truly wonderful place, great to see a coffee shop that actually caters for the community. You can actually get a decent coffee after 5pm in town which is of great relief to our community. More places need to look at the operating hours.

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Interesting how Mr Giles believes that the council is not doing enough about anti social behaviour. Giles, give them the chance to actually settle in … I am confident Brown, Ryan and the others will look at such things in due course. In the meantime, Giles, what are you doing about it other than just talking?

Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
Interesting reading, Kieran, great article.
I too attended the initial part of the council meeting before departing to tend to other business. I found it a little shocking at the lack of commitment that some newly appointed members had shown, if I recall correctly a few weeks ago these people were screaming and demanding our community to elect them so they could restore our town that is apparently in dire need.
[However] Monday night there were hesitations and declines from predominant business councillors in regards to representation on various committees due to work / business commitments. Cr Brown started off wanting deputy mayor but was unsuccessful due to Cr Heenan winning the vote. Brown was then nominated for the role of chair of Tech services however declined due to work commitments – Steve if that is the case how were you going to manage being Deputy?
On bright note I must say that I was delighted to see Cr Martin, Paech and Kudrenko playing an active and professional role on our council. Paech and Kudrenko deserve a pat on the back, the two youngest councillors have taken on integral roles and seem to be identifying what the public need.
So councillors, I ask if you are not on any committees or on committees that meet twice a year, WHAT ARE YOU THERE FOR?
In closing I hope that the other councillors use and support the young two as role models and future leaders for our community.

ED – Thanks Lou, but it is important to state that work commitments were not the reason for declining nominations to chair the standing committees. The only committee that a number of councillors declined to sit on because of work commitments, as I recall, was one that meets during the day. As the article explains, the refusal to chair the standing committees appeared to be a refusal to accept that role as a ‘consolation prize’, a tactical move rather than a shirking of work, as not much work is involved between meetings. Cr Brown was nominated for and elected to several other committees.

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