I thought the suggestion by Cr Martin that a few …

Comment on Council debate happening in closed meetings by Hal Duell.

I thought the suggestion by Cr Martin that a few of the councillors get together to consider the information she has from Port Augusta and to report back to Council with any ideas they come up with was a good one.
Was CEO Mooney’s insistence that a senior officer attend their meetings a way of insuring all discussions remain in confidential? I don’t remember any elected councillor campaigning on the Mushroom Party ticket, but you get that.
While in Confidential, I wonder if Council will consider providing security for the Civic Centre precinct during their public meetings. It can get pretty ordinary out there on the lawns and in the car park. More than once when leaving I have had to keep my eyes on the ground and walk straight to my car to avoid being challenged by some clown with a green can.

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Police want parents to stop youth crime
One reason, perhaps the biggest reason, why government authorities are scared shitless to do anything about the kids running wild in Alice is they fear being tarred with the “stolen generations” brush.
Why the Indigenous authorities do nothing is anyone’s guess. Mine is that they are scared of them, or scared of the payback that any action on their part would generate.

Council poll says ‘no’ to gallery at Anzac Oval
Multiple devices? Multiple addresses? Sounds like Putin did it.

SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
The way to reinvigorate the CBD is not through investing in an art gallery or a cultural centre, but by investing in people.
Build attractive modern flats and populate the area. I understand there are no zoning impediments to doing that.
A skate park at the river end of Parson’s Street would breathe life into many who just hang around, and they hang around because it still is our CBD. We’ve just made a mess of it is all.

Gallery: What we need to know before we spend a cent
@ Maya: Posted August 31, 2018 at 11:41 am.
With a nod to Russell Guy, and now the Melanka site comes into play. That is, if we’re talking about an art gallery, and not a Cultural Centre.
This could be what we’ve been looking for.

Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
It is a very good thing Cr Banks has done. Good for her own image as a Councillor of transpanency, and good for ASTC.
I’m thinking of those councils in trouble over in Queensland, and I wonder how much of that trouble might have been avoided if every council employee, whether elected or hired, had known from their first day that there were NO free lunches.
I think, and I like to think, that our Council is without reproach. Let’s keep it that way.

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