As we all argue and wring our hands, another generation …

Comment on Grog stats may be useless as they do not include online and mail orders by Jane Clark.

As we all argue and wring our hands, another generation has to deal with being cheated of a decent life because their parents simply don’t care about themselves or their children.
Seriously, what can be done today? More alcohol restrictions may indeed chip away at the stats and make those above us feel they have achieved something.
I think our political system (and those in it) are so bogged down with their desire to win power, hang on to power or be today’s hero that they are totally ineffective.
What is power? Who has it? Perhaps the abusers…

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They must be joking!
The more I think about this the more upset I feel. People go to the Supreme Court when they are facing events that are often lifechanging and tragic. It’s a serious time when you need to be at the court house. [The insensitivity of placing] this silly rabbit there. Where is the sense of place, the understanding of needing to provide the correct tone for people at the crossroads of their lives? If a family member has been assaulted, murdered, robbed, you will spend time at this place. Art can provide a spot for reflection and healing.

They must be joking!
Surprised they didn’t transport the Stuart statue there as a companion for the Rabbit. Both feral invasive species.

Town council should buy into big projects: Eli Melky
@ Michael Dean: Only seven months to go …

Facts about street kids made public
Well that’s a start. Thank you Congress. Why on earth this was kept under wraps is a mystery.
Let’s hope more accurate information follows. And pressure needs to be applied to the Gunner Government to provide good quality accountable child and youth services here.

August poll: Giles promises on housing, tourism, gas
Re housing: At a LGANT meeting in around 2008, then Minister for Central Australia and Local Government Rob Knight put the price of catching up with Indigenous housing at $5.5b.
This is why the $750m housing money subsequently allocated didn’t succeed – it was only enough to cover administration when you think about it.
I made note of this as he spoke and regularly brought this up at LGANT meetings and during the NT Intervention period.
Eight years later and Giles offers less than $2b over 8 years – it’s not enough and you know it, Mr Giles.
The numbers are huge but still not enough to address a fundamental long standing issue.
The NT cannot afford to fund the catch up.
What happened to the hub towns plan? What happened to supporting homelands? What happened to creating local industries on homelands so people can work and earn on their home country?
Offering a small portion of the required funds for housing catch-up is just setting us up for another NT failure.

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