Barry Davis (pseudonym?) is a very secretive person who insists …

Comment on Town council grapples with Falconio poster: Author hits out at Mayor Ryan by Keith Allan Noble.

Barry Davis (pseudonym?) is a very secretive person who insists on posting comments on many websites. (Why? Who is he?) It is obvious he is not interested in finding Peter Marco Falconio and only wants the official version of the Falconio case to be believed. Bradley John Murdoch was sentenced to 28 years prison without parole – literally to die there with no chance of release – even though evidence essential for the proof of murder was not presented and proved in court. It is one of Australia’s worst miscarriage-of-justice cases.
What follows are all the things that were not presented or not conclusively proved at the trial:-
No fibre, gun(s), intent, motive, dog hair, projectile, footprints, tyre prints, finger prints, rolls of tape, time of death, sexual assault, cause of death, undisputed DNA, vehicle trailer, manner of death, blue heeler dog, financial report, physical assault, gun shot residue, credible scenario, accurate timeline, mechanism of death, source of restraints, source of cable-ties, spent cartridge case, communications report, credible alibi for Lees, body (includes remains), credible VW Kombi speeds, vehicle driven by the man, credible stories from Lees, blood in Murdoch’s vehicle, driver who parked VW Kombi, blood spatter / splatter / spray, video clearly identifying Murdoch, eyewitness to Falconio’s presence, uncontaminated human blood at scene, corroborated identification of Murdoch, eyewitness to Falconio’s disappearance, long-haired middle-sized male (the man), evidence going beyond a reasonable doubt, detailed Sydney to Barrow Creek travel report and no credible chains of custody / evidence / possession; and so on.
There is uncertainty in the Falconio case and reasonable doubt related to every bit of significant so-called evidence.
A human being has been imprisoned even though there is not a shred of hard incontrovertible evidence. Even within the spurious words of Barry Davis, there is uncertainty. He says “if the gun was a revolver”. This is the point. We do not know if there were guns (officials actually spoke about two guns). If there were guns what sort of guns were they, were they fired, who fired them if they were fired, etc.
The whole official story is based on the words of just one person who had to admit that she witnessed no killing (police said her stories were “bizarre”).
Barry Davis’ unjustified criticism of the Daily Mail newspaper (and of many other people elsewhere), does not help the matter one bit. What we all need to do is focus on finding Peter Marco Falconio – dead or alive.

Keith Allan Noble Also Commented

Town council grapples with Falconio poster: Author hits out at Mayor Ryan
Dear Reader, To reasonable feeling people, it is not offensive to reunite the Falconio family with their son and brother Peter Marco Falconio. But yes, it would be offenisve to them if they do not want to be publicly reunited with him. (It seems they already know where he is.)
Of course this reward has sent officials in Alice Springs into a really silly spin. I have already written the mayor Damien Ryan about his ill-conceived words, and must now write him again. Email me if you would like copies. Finding Peter – dead or alive – might completely destroy the official narrative of the Falconio case.
Please note the reward has nothing to do with selling my related book. PDF copies are available for free, they always have been. Just email me and ask – – KEITH ALLAN NOBLE.
Postscript: Many thanks to all Territorians who want to know the truth in the Falconio case and who have helped the cause with information and / or assistance. Without the truth, there can be no justice.

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