Hard to have sympathy for taxi drivers who pick Aboriginal …

Comment on Alleged grog running cabbie may lose car; passenger who bought grog fined $120. by Ian Sharp.

Hard to have sympathy for taxi drivers who pick Aboriginal people in Wills Tce / Todd Mall and drive 100m to the bottle shop. Hard to have sympathy for taxi drivers who then drive the people and the grog into Town Camps that are clearly marked as dry.
Easy to have sympathy for the ambos and cops who have to go into those same Town Camps late at night to pick up the pieces, and are sometimes put at risk in doing so.

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Another great read from the Alice Springs News Online. Takes us back to a different world.

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I remember joining the staff at Alice Springs Highschool in ’86 and being surprised to find there was a school cop.
We had a couple of good ones, including Kym Davies, did a lot for the kids, including a boating expedition on the Roper. And kept the staff in line too.

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Well said John Bell. I look forward to reading Tatz’s book now.

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I think there are tight restrictions imposed by international treaties that make this difficult. Also a problem in the US as detailed in a 2014 article which outlines some of the hurdles.

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Well said Alex Nelson, Russell and Blair are great additions to the Liquor Commission.

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