Paul @ June 4. I think I understand your clarification …

Comment on Do these two people live in the same country? by Russell Guy.

Paul @ June 4. I think I understand your clarification to mean that there is a case for improved legislation in many areas of social policy.
We live in an increasingly complex world, socially and technologically, where government intervention is controversial, but democratic parliaments are still the best mechanism for debating the pros and cons of it.
As you correctly point out, reporting and commenting in public forums / media is another means of discussing what sort of society we want to live in, e.g., those who oppose the NTER out of principle, miss the productive results, one of which you mention.
Government intervention is necessary to police those who take advantage of the vulnerable and trusting. While the detail is often controversial, there is a case for intervention in alcohol reform, pornography, welfare reform and if necessary, economic stimulus – these few examples are evidence for the obviously simplistic argument that government interventions are not always for the worse.
It is government for the people, by the people, paid for by the people and persuasively argued that gives us our best chance of maintaining the standards which a community agrees should be the rule of law.

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Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
The government assessed the original proposal, but didn’t act on its recommendations, so now we have another in the making.
Long-term viability, based on artworks is a risky business. Art cannot be made to serve a purpose, especially one designed by a government committee.
A compromise by blending art with a culture centre at the old Melanka site would give an architect and curatorial staff a brief that just might result in something out of the box – interesting, informative, entertaining and meeting the economic criteria.
It could involve music and theatrical performance in a multi-level, living space.
The way this predictable project is going, it will end in expensive tears.

Lambley gets hype not dollars on gallery
The Gunner Government recently stumped up for a full-page advertisement (with the ACT) demanding “rights” to legislate euthanasia, but that Bill was defeated yesterday by Senators changing their minds after consultation with the medical profession.
One wonders if the Gunner Government consulted similarly, before spending the dollars.
Maybe, like the Greens who also supported the Bill, they expected doctors to fall in line or be outed according to conscience.
Meanwhile, we read the same political pork-barrelling dished out in accusations to Jacinta Price.
At least, we have equality.

Beer and the tax man’s triple tipple
@ Alex Nelson. Posted 13th August, 2018 at 10:18pm: There is a considerable difference between Mr Gorbachev and Mr Putin which suggests that reform is whimsical.
I could go on about Mr Giles and Mr Gunner, but perhaps, Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” should be the tune at the next Cavenagh Street May Day march?

Beer and the tax man’s triple tipple
@ Alex Nelson. Posted August 10th, 2018. 12:22pm.
A scintillating comment, Alex.
Take, for example, the full page advertisement in a national newspaper, paid for in part by the Gunner Government, about the “right” of Territorians to euthanasia.
As you are well aware, this was proposed by the Perron CLP Government in the late 1980s.
As was recently pointed out, self-government failed Indigenous Territorians.
The poster that once depicted the CLP as a cowboy outfit has gone full perestroika.

Training facility for cattle workers to be launched
Best news I’ve read for a long time. Congratulations.

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