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Our politicians and governments refuse to accept Constitutional restriction on their ability to qualify the rights or responsibilities of Australians using race as their measure.
Commonwealth “NT Intervention” problems continue earlier Commonwealth mass-treatment applied by racial measurement.
Commonwealth obstructs relevant judicial determination processes.
Commonwealth claims it held no Constitutional authority to qualify rights and responsibilities on basis of race, yet it busily did and continues to do so.
Today’s problems result from earlier racial discrimination.
Australian’s Constitution sort to outlaw ALL legislation which qualified Australians rights or responsibilities using racial measurements.
Yet many opposing Commonwealth “NT Intervention” act with concerns for their preferred flavor of racism, not eliminating racism.
The Commonwealth Attorney-General advised Parliament Australia has NO racial tests.
Yet the Commonwealth supports, promotes and practices racism using racial measures.

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Do these two people live in the same country?
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Few people disagree some people do need their income managed – partly or fully, to ensure they maintain a roof over their head, and provide them money each week for food.

People go to welfare about this out of desperation, not desire.

The Commonwealth claims Australians’ identification of themselves with any of Australia’s many racial-sub-cultural groups is their valid measure to determine assistance.

IMHO (“in my honest opinion”) most Australians strongly disagree.

IMHO most feel Australians need protection from government assistance, particularly when racism is used as a tool.

IMHO most Australians do trust our Courts in making these decisions, as their state welfare authorities MUST PROVE THEIR CASE for each intrusive management to be imposed upon the citizens thus denying their civil liberties.

Courts can require privacy of parties to be protected, whilst allowing relevant facts be published. We no longer see enough reporting, so not enough public discussion of issues which are raised in courts. Result is less effective, less responsive legislation.

Do these two people live in the same country?
Two faces of racism, are NOT the only views.
Jenny Macklin maintains Commonwealth claim for 67 years it lacked authority to assist whilst at same time they practiced apartheid.
Richard Downs and others believe they advantaged from Commonwealth apartheid policies.
Hundreds of millions of public money spent perhaps could have achieved more if just given as compensation to all the intended beneficiaries of these programs.
Recipients made wealthy who then wasted it could at least look in their mirrors to see whom to blame.
Past 44 years Commonwealth busily promoted segregationist programs.
Schooling is about attending school, with nothing to do with racial identification.
Took government to make attendance a racial issue, then being government they wasted more public money.
Bilingual education was about teaching people to read, using words they understood, whilst also teaching them to speak English, the language of modern Australia.
People remain – in civilized societies – free to study any languages they like, as long as they have the basics needed to live in the wider Australian community.
Bilingual Education was NOT about expanding languages from our past to incorporate explanations of modern science, medicine, technology or quantum mechanics.
The Commonwealth Attorney-General told Parliament NO racial tests exist in Australia.
Yet Commonwealth racist actions include on almost every Australian a form our Commonwealth’s racial test.
Coldly, deliberately, refusing to all a chance to “decline to answer” questions to do with their racial identification. Any those who do not answer are then deemed to have answered NOT.
Why is our answer “Australian” NOT acceptable?
Such is the approach of our racists.
The Commonwealth promotes, supports and imposes also segregation upon families based on racial testing.
Proposed Commonwealth Constitutional proposal is NOT about helping people to fix past wrongs – have already wasted billions doing this.
Proposed Commonwealth Constitutional proposal is to widen up ability of Commonwealth to claim it has Constitutional authority and power to discriminate between Australians using racial identification as the measure.
Commonwealth denies legal support – when required by the Courts, to those who challenge this purported existing authority.
Australians at Federation, then again in 1967, overwhelmingly voted to extinguish, to eliminate, stop ALL racial discrimination between Australians, not widen opportunities for their Commonwealth to practice same.

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Such logic supports amputating a leg because a toe is sore.
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Restricting their capability is unlikely to improve things.
The problem remains government focus on racist tag games.
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