Mankind like his issues is a complex lot of variables. …

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Mankind like his issues is a complex lot of variables. Russell you use other countries’ sudden out cry of it’s the abuse of alcohol causing the issues. Could not possibly be loss of work, not being able to find work. Relationship break downs and oh my, financial decline. People usually turn to drink and drugs when life gets to hard. FACT. People turn to drink and drugs when the feel they have lost control, when they lose a job or cannot find one. Many many excuses to turn to drink and drugs. We do hear you Russell (hard not to) but they rest of us are concerned with why people drink and do drugs. So we are trying to fix the why the best we can. We know we have a problem, we are attempting to fix it at its root cause and we will deal with each step as we heal one. Cutting off the grog just brings more anger, more hopelessness and more despair to those who have lost their way and given up finding anything good in life. My knowledge is set in the area of behavioral science. I look for the cause to know what path to follow for the cure. Stats have no interst to me when they depict only the end, not how we got there.

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The elusive ‘Port Augusta model’
Crikey, might be time some of you took a breath, as for R Guy I would certainly agree that alcohol and its issues is his biggest problem, but it certainly isn’t the town’s biggest problem.
Alcohol abuse is simply a sympton of a much bigger, deeper problem. It is that bigger problem that I wish to address. It will take long term planning and sustained effort. Give us credit for a few brains and a little determination. I have personally been at the forefront of both “action” and “demand for change”, in Alice and the Territory for a number of years. I’m not going to give that up after a few brief moments in Council! It takes a little time to learn the ropes. Fools rush in!
My management proposal for Alice is a simple management tool that allows easy monitoring of all departmental activities, goals, intentions and hopefully progress. To put it together has and will take many tedious hours. The information that will be inputted needs to be the right information as it will be making judgements on what departments could and should be achieving for the foreseeable future. Before tediously inputting this into the documents I would like to know that we are inputting the latest avaliable successful programs. The original report Council looked at was a document setting out where Port Agusta started with their alcohol management plan many years ago. This plan was eventually expanded into the overall management plan I have been discussing. The Council’s Director is well aware of this and will instruct the Consultant to take into account all aspects of the plan not just those relating to alcohol. I would like to know as I’m sure you all would, what has been learnt, what has been achieved since the Plan’s implementation before we go ahead and use any of what is in their original Plan.
Port Augusta will not be the only source of experience for our model. We will be drawing up a management plan unique to Alice Springs drawing every bit of knowledge and experience from as wide and as far as possible. Port Augusta was picked out for special attention because it has long been held up as a successful management story dealing with issues very similar to our own. There will be no instant miracles from this plan, we are talking about long term strategic planning that will begin step by step movement in a considered direction, as opposed to the present unplanned floundering.
Putting it together will be a slow tedious process for people who are already very busy in their own lives. Give us a bit of space, give us a bit of time, and maybe even get off your own proverbials and give a bit of a hand! Yeah, I know it’s all a bit dull down at Council, hard working cooperative Councils mostly able to achieve mutually agreed outcomes don’t make very good spectator sport. My apologies for that, but I am not in Council for the theatre, I’m here in the hope of achieving sustained long term change for the better. I think and I hope this Council has the potential to achieve that, for all our sakes, for the sake of Alice. I hope I’m right.

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We failed a young child: Dale Wakefield
And now there is another Dale. A new broom always sweeps cleaner.

Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
Russel has made it clear he supports the BDR. He also supports [Dr John] Boffa.
I was sitting next to Russel, me on the right in the photo. Were else would I be?
He supported removing police from bottle shops.
These positions should not be given to persons who have a desire to implement floor pricing. That will affect those who do not have a drinking problem. They have no answer to fix the problem drinkers. So they attack the rest of community.
Russel is okay, his big pay packet can cope with extra cost. What about the working people in Alice?
Just making ends meet with high rents and electricity cost and the rest of extra costs due to living here in Alice.
That’s right. Just attack them again in the wallet that is nearly empty already.
I am sick and tired of this punish he majority for the minority. Bad choice in my book.

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
The issue of the feminist voice is that it groups together to attack any woman who dares to stand alone and not join their pack of the pathetic victimhood clan. Those who are prepared to throw men under the bus to obtain superiority. At the same time they take the same approach to any woman who defies their rules. Stand strong Jacinta. Victim cards cannot be found in your purse.

Ballooning electricity costs: NT could make a difference
The elitist are always so far from empathy it is amazing that they can bring themselves to notice the people suffering or find $1 for the organisations helping the poor. Hey True But?
Your remarks are display a complete lack of empathy for anyone struggling with power prices. Your comments also display a “I am okay, not worried about anyone else” tone.
I do worry about elderly paying so much on power that they cannot afford eat.
I do worry about the families who are paying so much for power that food is now a luxury more than a necessity for survival.
Our governments have forced this on the people of Australia by their inability to risk manage solar implementations. What a sad world we live in when the life of ours is so easily dismissed for the belief in a ideology based on propaganda. And greed.

Ballooning electricity costs: NT could make a difference
Rising electricity costs are being ignored by government. Why? Let’s go back.
Before solar. In a clear way let’s say it costs $10m a year to run the power station. Then comes solar. More and more business and households get solar. Then over a few years those with solar are paying either nothing or getting a payment from PAWA.
The facts are the power station still requires $10m to operate.
So for example those with solar have removed $7m from payments to the power company.
That requires those without solar to pay the $10m.
Simple maths based on logic and fact.
Governments are hiding their heads in the sand as they know what they have done.
Blaming the power companies and accusing them of price gauging is a lie.
This is purely the lack of risk management of renewable energy establishment.
I raised my concerns when solar first was starting up only to be called an idiot by the then CEO of PAWA.
The NT Government should be paying the difference for their stuff up. So should every government and mostly the Feds.
There is no mystery about this. It is not a conspiracy. It is purely a lack of risk management failure by government.

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