Oh, the comments thus far do seem to be negative. …

Comment on ‘Out of date’ and ‘unpopular’ books go as library prepares for a facelift by Sharon Sprott.

Oh, the comments thus far do seem to be negative. I am going to be positive.

I love the idea of relocating the main entrance over to the garden side. How lovely! It’s such a pretty area & will be a huge improvement. Well done ASTC & Library!

As a long term resident I find the library to be one of the town’s treasures. I’m a voracious reader & use the library regularly. I disagree with those who think there are less books available to borrow these days. Certainly the fiction section sees a lot of new books come in throughout the year.

If I have a complaint, it’s the non-fiction area that needs to be expanded and weeded. Although perhaps that is already starting to happen given the delights that have been appearing on the New Books display of late.

Self-serve checkouts work very well interstate, I assume they’ll work well here too.

It has been a very long time since we had to keep so very, very quiet in a borrowing library. Some days I go to the Alice library and it is quiet. And other times there’ll be story-telling for toddlers or some other “noisy” activity and the atmosphere is wonderful. My children left home years ago but I still find it wonderful to see parents here encouraging their young children to partake in library activities. I read primarily for sheer pleasure of the story. And it’s just so heartening to see the library offering activities that promote creative thinking. And to top it off the library occasionally offers activities that educate. How wonderful is that?

Long may the ASTC fund our town library to the best of its ability, and long may the library staff select the best possible mix of new books, music, videos & magazines across a range of subjects for the shelves.

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