An interesting event in that it was what led Cook …

Comment on Tourism promoters sit on their hands as Alice feeds Venus transit images to the world by Ray.

An interesting event in that it was what led Cook to Tahiti, for scientific purposes. It was only after this work was done that it became a mission of discovery, with the second part of Cook’s mission to search for the “Great South Land”. A task that saw Cook assisted by a Tahitian native who was able to navigate the reefs and islands using natural seamanship without the aid of modern navigational aids such as (basic) charts and tools.
So in reality, if it were not for this event, there is a possibility that Australia may not have been claimed for the British, and it could have easily ended up a Spanish or Dutch Colony. I think that not a lot of people realise the significance of this event in our pre-history.

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Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
I am curious as to the results of consultation that obviously occurred with the residents of Bradshaw Drive who will be affected by the new footy fields.
It is obvious to Blind Freddie there will be increased traffic, light spill at night and noise pollution directly affecting those residents.
I would be interested in these results because surely the government would not fail to consult like they did with ANZAC Oval?

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Shame no charges are being laid Erwin. I thought we were trying to say that it is NOT OK to assault a worker performing their duty.
If it’s OK to physically lash out at a journo, is it OK to push an ambo, or a nurse?
Either way it is assault, nobody should be subjected to it. Your call to press charges, but just because somebody is upset with you I fail to see how it is condoned that they can physically assault you.
[ED – It is not condoned. Our report describes Mr Lindner’s action as assault. Erwin Chlanda.]

Because of eight grandmothers we can
Would be good if this passionate grandmothers group actually taught their own children how to effectively parent their kids.
Then the government and NGOs would not need to be involved at all.
Teach and be responsible for the lives of your own children, all the way down the line. If they need time out bush, take them, 51% of the NT is Aboriginal land.
You have the power, you have the ability, find the will to do it, then these kids will avoid the criminal justice system altogether.
Walk the streets with the concerned citizens and take responsibility.

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
Rosalie, we should all be concerned about these posts, but why are they racist? They very accurately describe the problem. As the article says, there is concern that 100% of the inmates in the detention center are Aboriginal, all of the kids in the mall rampage are Aboriginal. Unless we are prepared to call the issue for what it is, we are blindsiding ourselves to acknowledging what the real problem is.
Unfortunately, it has a flow-on effect to all the wonderful hard working Aboriginal people in town who keep their kids at home and send their kids to school. That is the norm.
Unfortunately, unless we identify the issue it cannot be addressed.
It’s like a farmer calling a meeting and talking about the dingo killing his newborn calves, then a greenie pipes up and says “hang on, not all dingoes are responsible”.
The farmer says OK, “a type of dog is causing problems”, once again, “you can’t blame all the dogs for the actions of the few”.
The meeting is called and the farmer explains that some type of animal is killing his livestock. “What kind of animal do we need to control,” says the decision maker.
Poor old farmer can’t be specific lest he is labeled racist. Decision maker says we can’t do anything because there is no evidence of what the farmer says. Decision maker goes away, the farmer goes broke. The end.

Will more consultants get tourism out of the mire?
Of course, the best way to get tourists here is to stop the ones that have come before, talking about the violence, humbugging, theft, assault and the sad sight of people hanging around doing … nothing. Oh except fighting near the bottleshops, in the mall, in parklands. People come here to see Aboriginal culture, what they see is anything but.
This is the image and experience that people are taking away with them, and from the papers. Darwin is the same.
It does not need a consultant, it needs a government prepared to ignore the greenies and apologists, and actually fix the problem.
It may have the added bonus of getting people to actually enjoy living here, not making plans on how and when to leave. The population of the Alice Springs local government area has dropped by almost 3500 people since 2007. That is a rather large exodus.
What plans do the governments (all levels) have to bring industry, employment, and growth to the area?
All we have seen recently is the folding of private enterprise and an increase in service and Aboriginal support agencies. We have the largest renal dialysis facility in the southern hemisphere, but that is not the sort of things to bring the tourists flooding back.
Fix these problems, and you will also fix the downturn in tourism.
Where is my consultancy fee?

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